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  1. number51

    Two Weeks From Now

    We will be discussing the Bears Dolphins game from Noon! I am not sure what I will be posting, but I guarantee you my opinion will be strong!!!!!
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    Summer Olympics

    From Yahoo News: Story The 'frightening' phenomenon Simone Biles experienced before her Olympics withdrawal "Simone Biles shockingly withdrew from team competition at the Olympics this week after experiencing a "frightening" phenomenon known as "the twisties."" Apparently one of her...
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    Taste Of Chicago Is Back!

    Taste of Chicago To-Go "The Taste of Chicago is the nation's premier free-admission food festival showcasing the diversity of Chicago's dining scene, alongside a smorgasbord of cooking demonstrations, music concerts, art activations and family fun." It's not the great fest it used to be, but...
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    Two Bears Games On Today/Tonight 3/3

    NFL Network 3PM Bears Falcons 9/27/20 7PM Bears Lions 9/13/20
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    We need seven more Wilson threads!!!!!!

  6. number51

    Bears Saints Line

    The game opened with the Saints as 3 point favorites and the O/U at 47. It looks like everybody went with the Saints -3 and the Under. The line changed fast to the Saints -4 and the O/U at 44. LO fucking L! I am a well documented idiot, so I love the Beloved Bears at +4, with nothing on the...
  7. number51

    OT: Mike Ditka

    Will/should Mike Ditka AKA Da Coach pursue a career in politics. I know this belongs in the B&I sub forum, but I just wanted to hear from the real Bears fans, salt of the earth types, not those snooty tards in B&I.
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    Name The Only Player That Had No Compitition In Training Camp

    Only one position had one player in training camp. I'm not asking this because of of the Eagles loss. I asked this question in August, why is there no competition at Kicker, I asked many more times during the season, I'm still asking. Why did every single position on the team have a camp...
  9. number51

    First Bears Vikings Game Fom Nov. On NFLN Tonight 11 PM C

    Replay from the first Vikes game played here. Not Mole-Eyes finest effort, but Mack and Hicks both had a game. Box score in spoiler in case you forgot what happened a month ago. Now that I think about it the guide could be wrong, this could be from the last game, it would make more sense.
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    Don't Forget To Vote For Roquan Smith For Rookie Of The Week Just scroll down.
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    Cubs SkipperJoe Maddon On Bears WR Kevin White

    Joe Maddon comments on Bears WR Kevin White who he likes to call "Vinnie", it's Maddon's pet name for White, I guess. It's at the 2:18 mark.
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    Why Your Team Sucks 2018: Chicago Bears

    As always Deadspins Drew Magary hits it out of the park. I love this time of year.
  13. number51

    New BLR video featuring lots of old friend and a new one.
  14. number51

    Trubisky or Garoppolo Right Now.

    Who do you want. I'll take Garoppolo based on a tiny sample size.
  15. number51

    NBC Sports: Professional Runner Outruns 2 Bears

    One of them had to be Kevin White.
  16. number51

    Please show me one person that doesn't think Pace got played

    I'm watching TV, and scouring the intrawebz and I can't find one person that thinks Pace got the Bears a fair deal. Except CCS Posters who unanimously think it was a brilliant move. I know, Pace has balls and got his guy, so fucking what, they could have had him and kept 2 thirds and a fourth...
  17. number51

    New BLR

    Not Bears related. This is how far this once great franchise has fallen, can't even get on Bad Lip Reading. 1:07 for some fine Matt Stafford, it's no 'orange peanuts' but it will do.
  18. number51

    Bears Classics 1/31/17 7PM Bears Vikes from Jan 1 1995

    Bears Classics 1/31/17 7PM Bears Vikes from Jan 1 1995 Comcast Sports Net ch 200 on Comcast. For some reason they picked this random game against the Vikes.
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    Sparkling Wine

    First off I am not a wine guy, at all, but I have friends that are, let's call them winebuddies. About a year ago had a sale on a case of sparkling wines from a vineyard called Gruet from New Mexico. I read up and it got good reviews, so I bought a case of 12 bottles, 4 bottles each of...
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    NFL Network 7/17 8:30 PM 2015 Chicago Bears

    NFL Films Presents "Charting A New Course" Highlights the 2015 Chicago Bears (6-10) under new coach John Fox, while also looking ahead to 2016. The "Highlights of 2015", show is scheduled to be 30 minutes, so 25 minutes of commercials? The Mike Singletary Football Life is on after this at 9PM.