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    Rapaport: Bears holding trade talks surrounding Teven Jenkins

    Yep...then the whole swing tackle wouldn't surprise that his 'minor' injury was aggravated when he/agent caught wind of 'trade' talks. Just another conspiracy theory.
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    Devin Hester & the Hall of Fame

    Freedom Convoy to Canton!
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    How would you change the draft

    What about the average of your last 3 seasons to determine your position. May stop tanking in a particular year, but could benefit teams that suck and surge. ie. like Bengals this year.
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    *OFFICIAL* Offseason Rumors, Signings, and Shenanigans

    I'm curious to see what this new regime does with the o-line like everyone else. Especially curious regarding the way Ifedi put his hands on Jenkins after he stood up to his QB getting smoked against Minnesota. As I was watching that, I actually was hoping Jenkins was gonna drop Ifedi. To me...
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    Matt Eberflus hired as Bears head coach

    Always read your aren't lazy and you generate thoughtful conversation, and you touch again on an insightful thought regarding how 'we' learn in our business pursuits and how that applies to coaching. Now, I know nothing about coaching, but as someone who started at the literal...
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    Pros and cons of Matt Eberflus

    C'mon suburban sheep know better than this...Dave Toub is the best man for this team right now...can tell George and mama to get the fuck out the way...GM is irrelevant.
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    What's The Most Important Thing To You About Our New HC and GM?

    Nice questions...but who's asking these?? The "I'm just a fan guy"?...point is that the answers don't really matter when the answers are falling on deaf and dumb ears. In my opinion, what this org needs is a strong, assertive personality who has 'street cred' in the NFL and can tell George...
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    Coaching & Adapting - WOW

    You have to tip your cap to the nature at which they adhere to principle of simplicity. Everyone knows exactly what they are responsible for...there is little to no assignment confusion on the field. Just like the 'hoodies' fashion choices...everything is about functionality...going for...
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    Report: Pace likely out

    I agree with this. What the public sees is only a portion of what actually goes on. So many moving parts. These GM's sit in an incredibly precarious position between success and failure. The public builds and tears down these folks on a whim. Wonder how the Rams GM will be characterized by...
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    Are the bears a bad team?

    It's an interesting question and difficult to answer due to so many variables...some we (public) are aware of and many that we are not. As an example, I will point to the NHL team that I follow. They have been middle of the pack for several years with essentially the same core of players...
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    I met a lot of great bears fans today at the game

    Sure seemed like it was Vildor's responsibility... the shot of him on the bench afterwards said it all. Tough for him, that's gotta sting. Also tough for the team making those kinds of mistakes in the critical situations. Hope to see a big rebound on Thursday... as bad as it looks now, they...
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    We lost bcoz of a taunting penalty that never happened

    As a fan, I feel it's poor form to bitch about referees, but that was tough to watch for sure...thought this Bears team fought through it all...kept themselves in the game and damn near pulled out a great moral victories in sports but it was great to see the fight in the dogs last night.
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    I know the Bears suck, but they are in the playoff hunt still.

    The Bears are absolutely in the playoff race as you note. If there is one thing this League continues to demonstrate, it is that results can be unpredictable and fortunes can swing on a week to week basis. This is certainly what builds intrigue for us observers. Looking forward to some of...
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    It starts and ends with Ryan Pace

    Not trying to pick on you, but you need to realize that many folks from different backgrounds read these threads and sometimes they get excited!🤣
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    It starts and ends with Ryan Pace

    Wow..slightly narcissistic behaviour from such an alpha….just repeating what my psychologist friend called your posts…carry on my good man!!
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    It starts and ends with Ryan Pace

    What’s your position…Bears suck…Bears can’t play offence…Bears can’t play defence…????..which is it know it all??…maybe special teams suck too!!….show us the light honorable Anytime 23!!
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    It starts and ends with Ryan Pace

    It’s ok to say you are just rambling cause u mad the bears took another L …some of us are just used to it ..but have to call out clowns like you every now and then!!…Go Bears!!
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    It starts and ends with Ryan Pace

    Show me where you r right?…show us you realize you r in the realm of subjective evaluation?
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    It starts and ends with Ryan Pace

    So impressive from a ‘donator’…congrats!
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    It starts and ends with Ryan Pace

    Do you regularly consume this forums ‘space’ with your personal need to be relevant?