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  1. Sparks500

    Favre caught up in welfare fraud

    I guess to be a GB QB ya gotta be a douche….
  2. Sparks500

    Getsy hired

    Per Adam shefter
  3. Sparks500

    Hope George is happy

    His mismanagement of this franchise is going to result in Virginia McCaskey having to hand the Halas Trophy to the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau field. I hope she kicks him in the nuts…
  4. Sparks500

    Graham signed to active roster
  5. Sparks500

    AIRPLANE! Game

    The Chicago Bears seem to be modeled after the movie AIRPLANE!, so pick a character that matches up with anyone on the Bears. Ill start off with Lloyd Bridges hanging upside down sniffing glue is Matt Nagy…
  6. Sparks500


    Can we start a petition to revoke the McCaskeys franchise?
  7. Sparks500

    Odds on Nagy and Pace

    I’m guessing 75% Nagy is fired 50-50 on pace. I’d like to go higher, but this is the mccheapskates we’re talking about here…
  8. Sparks500

    So, is Nagy fired yet?

    It’s time…..
  9. Sparks500

    Time to face the facts

    The Bears are the McCaskeys: gutless pussys that roll over for tough teams… mama McCaskey want “nice” young men on her team. Well, how do you like it? this is as good as it’s going to get with these fucking losers as owners…
  10. Sparks500

    LOL. Detroit beats Minnesota

  11. Sparks500

    Bears Christmas decoration

  12. Sparks500

    Am I the only only one

    That keeps watching the Justin Fields scramble just to watch Jason Peters de cleat Fred Warner?
  13. Sparks500

    Coaches or GMs with an actual history of success?

    That could come here and fix this mess? Are there any viable options out there? im tired of rolling the dice on first timers.
  14. Sparks500

    Does Nagy and Pace

    Have the brains of a mollusk? Between them, I mean….
  15. Sparks500

    Fun bad….

    Are the Bears heading for fun bad? So bad you actually start rooting for it, just to see how bad it can get. I mean, it would mean that the team has quit on Nagy, but I’m beginning to wonder if that’s already building….
  16. Sparks500

    Juan Castillo

    If you fire Nagy, send Juan home with him…..
  17. Sparks500

    Bears in a corner

    IMHO, the Bears have put themselves squarely in OUR crosshairs. We all see what Fields is capable of, we see what his ceiling can be and it’s amazing. if he fails, and it’s a possibility, it will more than likely be the Bears that failed him, not the other way around. which leads me to think...
  18. Sparks500

    4000 yard passer?

    I’m 67 and I’d pretty much given up hope of ever seeing a Bear QB pass for 4000 yds. maybe, just maybe, I’ll see one one soon? 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞
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  20. Sparks500

    Chicago JOKES!!

    This is no longer the Chicago Bears. That team died the day Michael McCaskey said “woof, woof!” The Bears are dead and gone, all that’s left is this cartoon.