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  1. **OFFICAIL** Regular Season News & Scheisse FTO

    I hope this means that Poles makes the decision to sit him. The coaches and players are going to be competitive and want to play and to win. I hope he steps in for the good of the future of the franchise.
  2. **OFFICAIL** Regular Season News & Scheisse FTO

    I think the risk of making the injury worse is not worth that benefit. He has already played and played well against some really good NFL defenses.
  3. Is Daniel Jones better then Fields cuz he has 204 passing yards, no TDs vs Dallas?

    Daboll was there for several years. So, it was not a revolving door at OC while they developed Josh Allen. I think that is huge. And a follow on to that is they promoted from within to take over the OC spot. So, it was likely not a whole new offense, new terminology, or philosophy. Again...
  4. Fields Separated Shoulder - Injury Update

    IMO, the missed FG also broke Nagy. I think he convinced himself the biggest thing wrong with the team was the kicker and they had that crazy kicking competition that seemed to be the entire offseason story. He and the coaching staff didn't develop Mitch and they didn't play to his strengths...
  5. Fields Separated Shoulder - Injury Update

    The hit where he got hurt vs the Vikings changed Mitch and how much he was willing to run. And yeah, Nagy never did figure out how to cater to any of his qb's strengths.
  6. **OFFICAIL** Regular Season News & Scheisse FTO

    Sometimes I wonder if Warner also forgets that he was throwing to Isaac Bruce and Tory Holt while having Marshall Faulk in the backfield when he was with the Rams. They were absolutely loaded on offense. And in Arizona he had in his prime Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin. I imagine that...
  7. Fields Separated Shoulder - Injury Update

    I would also like to add one thing about this weird "pressure" argument. There is pressure on the players just to play in the NFL. There is the pressure that comes with playoff expectations for sure. But for the losing teams, there is also pressure on the players to show that they belong in...
  8. **OFFICAIL** Regular Season News & Scheisse FTO

    What twist of narrative? People have been speculating about drafting pass rush since before the season even began.
  9. Jets HC Robert Saleh not committed to QB Zach Wilson as Week 12 starter

    He hasn't shown much in the way of leadership or ownership of what is going wrong with their offense when he is the main thing that is wrong. It is highlighted and made worse as you have the NY media he is dealing with and not whatever they have in Utah. But really, it seems like he is losing...
  10. Should Braxton Jones be the starting left tackle next year?

    In my opinion, where the pff grades don't seem to line up with what I think I am seeing on the field is just how bad the bad sets are. I get that the line has held up many times, Fields takes too long to throw, and there are plenty of examples of all that. That also ignores that when the...
  11. Should Braxton Jones be the starting left tackle next year?

    There is no reason to hand anyone on this offensive line anything for 2023. Jones could certainly continue to hold down the starting LT position into next year, but there is zero reason to make that a given right now. And if they see a chance to upgrade a key position like LT, you take it and...
  12. Fields Separated Shoulder - Injury Update

    They need to protect him and his future and let him get healed. They are not in any sort of playoff push, there is no reason to risk making the injury worse.
  13. Flus pushes all of his chips in the middle for Fields

    Maybe. Getsy did get a HC interview already with Denver in the coaching cycle. Although, I think he would be smart to stay a couple of years to really find his groove as a playcaller and building an offense before taking on the task of running an entire team. I know there is a lot of concern...
  14. Leatherwood at LG

    Only difference I can think of is that he played on the left side, LT?, in college and then Oakland put him on the right side for everything. Maybe he is a better natural fit to the left side with his footwork? I have no idea, but that is my hope.
  15. Leatherwood at LG

    Not saying he can't be elevated soon or even this weekend, but Leatherwood is still not actually on the active roster. He is in that 21 day window to start practicing ahead of either being activated or put on IR for the rest of the year.
  16. Score 670 on how the Bears are mismanaging the offense.

    Wow, looking at that angle, I kind of laugh a little at the amount of head movement from the doink of the ball. I think Fields nearly gave the guy a concussion.
  17. Poles Grade so far???

    The grade on Poles should be incomplete. Just way too soon for that. He was generally very conservative in FA. He drafted what he believed was BPA for each pick. Reasonable minds can question the VJJ pick both for the pick and for not trading down at that point rather than make that VJJ pick...
  18. **OFFICAIL** Regular Season News & Scheisse FTO

    Just out of curiosity, after the CMC trade, do the Panthers have enough cap space as is to be able to trade Moore? Or would they have to make some sort of cap move to even make a trade possible?
  19. Score 670 on how the Bears are mismanaging the offense.

    One other comment on the throw to Mooney: There is a lot of talk about throwing a guy open or being decisive and throwing the ball to a guy when he is "NFL" open. The throw to Mooney is exactly what we need to see more of from Fields, not less. Make a quick decisive throw that hits your WR in...