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  1. TecmoSuperbOwl

    McCaskey in discussing to sell the Bears

    Both are garbage. I'd honestly take Bezos over Musk. At least Bezos wouldn't be an idiot on Twitter and his seed money didn't come from Apartheid.
  2. TecmoSuperbOwl

    McCaskey in discussing to sell the Bears

    Him and Bezos are clown shoes. I'd likely either stop rooting for the team, or just stop watching the NFL in general if that happens.
  3. TecmoSuperbOwl

    Jenkins Nicknames

    I mean if he plays like he did at OSU I'm calling IHOP.
  4. TecmoSuperbOwl

    Anyone expect Fields to fail like every other Bears QB?

    Imagine having a thought and this post was the thought. Shit is cringe.
  5. TecmoSuperbOwl

    Justin Vs Lamar

    I mean the national media has always been horny for the Bears to be good, they just historically haven't been. It is kind of surreal because the last time I feel like people were buzzing this much about the Bears was after the Cutler trade.
  6. TecmoSuperbOwl

    So how would you feel had we drafted........

    Honestly probably would have considered not watching the until Pace was gone.
  7. TecmoSuperbOwl

    I Think the 1970's Raiders are where the Bears are going

    While I think some of the parallels you drew were reaches I'm 1000% on board for this hype train! JUST WIN BAAAABY!
  8. TecmoSuperbOwl

    Why do Ohio State QBs not do well in NFL?

    As a former Bloomington resident of over ten years I'd love to see them finally turn the corner
  9. TecmoSuperbOwl

    How would you grade this draft class?

    I'm not a draft nut so I have little insight on players beyond about the third round, but given what Pace was able to do with the first two picks (at least on paper) it's an A+ from me.
  10. TecmoSuperbOwl

    So who thinks we made the wrong 2nd rnd. selection

    You gotta have quality starters before depth becomes a thing.
  11. TecmoSuperbOwl

    So who thinks we made the wrong 2nd rnd. selection

    To answer your question, idiots. Anyone not pumped on this pick is an idiot.
  12. TecmoSuperbOwl

    Gotta re-sign Arob now.

    I mean if they can flip someone else to generate some draft capital, and that frees up the space necessary for an extension I'm all for it.
  13. TecmoSuperbOwl

    Trade down in round 2?

    I mean if the board falls as friendly as it did in the 1st I'm okay with it. At this point if Pace gets out of this draft with potential starters/contributers at OL/DB/WR I'll eat my hat and admit he GM'd this draft like a champ.
  14. TecmoSuperbOwl

    Who do you like tomorrow?

    Radunz or Cosmi would make me incredibly happy
  15. TecmoSuperbOwl

    Since the draft is this week, post your "Called It!" Here

    Kellen Mond becomes a capable starter wherever he lands.
  16. TecmoSuperbOwl

    I would literally shit my pants if the draft fell this way.
  17. TecmoSuperbOwl

    David Montgomery

    He made some bad Bears teams fun to watch. Felt like he could turn a touch into a score at any given moment. Absolute workhorse and great player.
  18. TecmoSuperbOwl

    David Montgomery

    This ding dong got me nostalgic for Matt Forte.
  19. TecmoSuperbOwl

    David Montgomery

    Montgomery isn't even close to as complete a back as Forte was. Talk to me after Montgomery puts up five 1,000 yard rushing seasons.