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  1. policeman

    *OFFICAIL* Press Conference Thread 1/31

    A lot of coach speak and football cliches. Not hating on the guys- that's what football guys do. I remain cautiously optimistic- only because of Fields. I'd also not be surprised if they are cleaning house again in 4 years.
  2. policeman

    On behalf of the Dave Toub for HC brigade...

    We need an official Fire Eberflus thread- it's not too soon
  3. policeman

    OC rumors

  4. policeman

    This is a trash HC hire

    Should Ryan Poles be fired? Eberflus has two arms and two legs. Nagy also has two arms and two legs. Coincidence? No. Fire Poles now!
  5. policeman

    Ryan Poles "For The Record" Registry

    Mathematically- "no" is the correct way to bet- given that most GM's "fail". But- I'll vote yes because of Fields- he keeps the GM and coach afloat and makes them all look good.
  6. policeman

    Ryan Poles Head Coaching Interviews....

    I want a guy with fire and passion. A guy who will drop his pants in front of his team and make them play tough, smash mouth football!
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    This thread has become a curation of tweets. Carry on...
  8. policeman

    Biggs - Bears are desperate and will be linked to every QB

    Rick Mirer trade part deux. I won't believe they are dumb enough to trade for Carson Wentz. Even after they trade for Carson Wentz- I won't believe it.
  9. policeman

    Nagy and his RPO need to go

    OP used a lot of words to say "Trubisky sucks"
  10. policeman

    Angriest Bears forum Poster of the year Award ***official voting thread***

    No love for Calabis? Dude is a straight up rageaholic
  11. policeman

    The Tape Never Lies - KC edition.

    Bears need to run an offense that prevents Mitch from looking bad- one where there are no forward passes. Thinking triple option or single wing would be great for him.
  12. policeman

    Should Nagy be fired?

    I just want to see Nagy tailor his offense to fit Mitch. You know the offense I mean- the super magic offense that doesn't require the QB to complete forward passes. I think it's called the single wing.
  13. policeman

    Trubisky progressed under Fox and regressed under Nagy

    Reversion to the mean. Who the coach was is immaterial.
  14. policeman


    If Mitch can throw for 278 and 1 TD and 2 more almost TD's against the worst team in the league...the sky is the limit for this future Pro Bowler.
  15. policeman

    Can you fix Trubisky?

    I don't see any potential. If this were his rookie year- this argument might hold. But he's started 35 games as a professional. He is what he is- a career backup. Time to move on.
  16. policeman

    Mitch ranked 11th QB in the league..

    This will def get him into Canton. That yellow jacket is his.
  17. policeman

    Attn: CCS Bears fans in Law Enforcement

    Ride or die homey
  18. policeman

    Fox wanted Watson. Mahomes was Pace's No 2 QB.

    At last you know the true meaning of Bear fandom.
  19. policeman

    Is it all Mitch’s fault?

    Message board posters wrote mean things about Mitch- it's their fault