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  1. AC Joint Injury.

    Yeah cuz your lifestyle (shit posting on CCS) is equivalent to that of an NFL QB's. Even if it didn't hurt on his follow through's, how might it feel if he gets driven into the turf on that shoulder by a 250lb+ defender doctor?
  2. Who wanted McDaniels as head coach?

    I wanted him or Harbaugh. While that may sound dumb, what has Flus done to distinguish himself as a great hire? In the sake for full disclosure I wanted the Bears to trade up and draft Aaron Donald who I knew was going to be a stud despite his height, wanted Watson and hated the Trubisky pick...
  3. Let's address the elephant in the room: The lack of air yards

    I think we are going to see tremendous growth in 2023 with Justin Fields the passer. They will add some talent around him but most of all he will come into next season with an offseason under his belt of knowing this offense, being comfortable about his abilities at this level, and knowing how...
  4. It's LIONS WEEK where is Inc0gneat0?

    Considering the Bears are in year 1 of their rebuild while the Lions are in year 60 of theirs, adding to it the Bears finally have a QB, my unbiased opinion is I'm feeling more bullish toward the Bears. Enjoy the win though. I understand Lions fans must savor everyone they get....which isn't many.
  5. It's LIONS WEEK where is Inc0gneat0?

    Oh look, needle dick has arrived.
  6. Bears trade for Claypool

    If this helps Justin Fields become a better QB then who cares the price. The team is lacking a WR who brings what Claypool does to the offense. Fans cunting over a draft pick need to relax. The same idiots who cry on draft day when "their guy" wasn't selected.
  7. Smith to Ravens

    Decent haul. This is what a rebuild looks like. I support Poles for not locking up Roquan to 20+ mil. I liked the player but for this team at this time there are far more important priorities than ILB.
  8. Moving on From Fields

    First thing, Sports Mockery. Second, the Bears have too many holes to give up on Fields already. The most they should do if they are not 100% sold on him by end of season is bring on a vet who could provide a little competition. Need to build a team around Fields and hopefully they will blossom...
  9. Justin Fields, I'm giving up on you

    I would not give up on Fields just yet. There are too many flashes he has shown. Yes, he gets uncomfortable in the pocket, yes he needs to throw with better anticipation, yes he needs to make quicker decisions. But why not give him all of this season and next season with more talent around him...
  10. If we could redo the 2021 draft, are you still taking Fields?

    A better question is would Ryan Poles had drafted Fields if he was the GM a year earlier. Perhaps he would have and sat him while he tore the rest of the roster down and reset their salary cap. If he had then maybe he would have provided some pieces this season to help his young QB like we...
  11. Are we all bad people?

    We're all bad and good. But in this case the Dolphins and NFL failed. Tua was concussed in the Sunday game, he was noodle legged twice after getting up. The concussion protocol failed him and no doubt in my mind this led to him getting his clocked clean harder from the hit last night.
  12. The game ended about an hour ago and #Bears Darnell Mooney is putting work on the jugs. Still in uniform.

    This jugs guy seems to have excellent pocket awareness unlike a certain someone. Sign him!
  13. Fields Honest Assessment Of Performance

    The fact is up to this point in the season, he has been the 32nd best starting QB in the NFL. No bueno.
  14. We are in bust territory

    Sadly this is an insult to Mitch, that's how bad Justin has been.
  15. Eberflus and HITS is bullshit

    A little too early on the QB assumption. Again, the teardown has already started. There's a reason they by far have the most cap space available next season.
  16. Eberflus and HITS is bullshit

    Not true, the teardown is part of a rebuild.
  17. I still believe in Fields

    At this point Getsy's #1 job needs to be to find a way to get Justin's confidence going. His performance has been so dismal something is going to give. Hoping it breaks in the right direction and he can find something to build on.
  18. Do you give Fields entire year if he does not improve?

    Of course you do. What kind of dumb question is this?
  19. **OFFICAIL** Regular Season News & Scheisse FTO

    I'm just saying, you should be measuring your squad up to Vikings and Packers fans if your team is all that. The fact you spend all your time here is sad and cringey.
  20. **OFFICAIL** Regular Season News & Scheisse FTO

    How you know the Lions still blow, Lions fan spends his day on Bears message board trying to size his team up with the rebuilding Bears.