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  1. Contract and Cap Management

    I saw this article about contract and cap management and though it was an interesting read to pass along. I know that I always felt Pace brought the New Orleans style of cap management...
  2. NFL Week 2 - Non Bears Games

    Seeing how I am no longer in the Chicago TV market, the only game I get to see right now is Jacksonville vs Denver. Trevor Lawrence is looking good - just beat Kyle Fuller for a TD on their opening drive.
  3. Hoge and Jahns interview with Ryan Pace

    Not sure if anyone else posted this yet, but Hoge and Jahns did a 20+ minute interview with Pace.
  4. Can we at least get a new DC next year?

    Assumptions: Bears keep Nagy and Pace. Not debating if they should or not, this scenario just assumes they are keeping them. Can we at least get a new defensive coordinator then for 2021? One can actually get top 5 production out of top 5 talent on the defensive side of the ball? That would...
  5. Renovated Halas Hall

    The Bears just released a short video showing the newly renovated Halas Hall. It looks pretty damn nice. And as Matt Nagy said yesterday, it can help to be a selling point for free agents to have world class facilities to be in every day.
  6. Interesting article on the Bears offense

    I saw this article this morning that talks about the Bears 2018 offense. I really liked the graphs that showed how they produced in each zone of rushing and passing and then how they rated relative to the rest of the league.
  7. Way too early 53 roster numbers by position

    In reading through some of the various threads and articles lately, I was thinking about what the roster could or would look like just based on position. My initial assumption is that the offense and defense will be evenly divided. So, after the 3 specialists, you have 25 offensive and 25...
  8. Nagy's Coaches Breakfast interview

    I did not see this posted yet, here is the hour long interview that Nagy did at the coaches breakfast. A lot of really interesting questions and conversation.