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  1. Runruffshod75

    If the bears own the 4th pick in the draft...

    Personally I think he will continue to shoot up the boards when all is said and done. If Bryce Young or Anderson are on the board take either. If neither are on the board and Quentin isn't worth the 4th then move back. The game has changed since the 2011 CBA. The days of 30 year old vets...
  2. Runruffshod75

    If the bears own the 4th pick in the draft...

    I like Quentin Johnston alot. Usually I am biased towards defenders and I like Trenton Simpson ALOT. However the more I look at Simpson the more I think he slides into round 2. I'm not even sure there's an off the ball LB worth taking in round 1, let alone top 10. There's ALOT of good 3...
  3. Runruffshod75

    ***OFFICIAL*** What Are You Listening To Thread: Volume 5 (CCS 3.0 Edition)

    This makes me wish that Alice In Chains had actually covered this.
  4. Runruffshod75

    What could be...

    I've been doing daily rituals and raindances to the football Gods in hopes that Tremaine Edmunds hits the open market this off-season with Josh Allen's massive extension set to kick in after this season on a Bill's team with ALOT of talent to financially hold down We're seeing more and more...
  5. Runruffshod75


    I think the opposite here. I believe they traded away Roquan with a full intention of replacing him early on in the draft. I thought.and hoped that they would have at least taken one LB in the last draft since there was a nice crop of off the ball LBs in the last class from all of the C19...
  6. Runruffshod75


    I'm with ya on Simpson ALL DAY!
  7. Runruffshod75


    I really wish Poles had taken a late round flyer on Damone Clark in the last draft class. I thought he stepped in for Anthony Barr and played very well. I believe that Clark would have made a fine replacement at the WILL LB position. This up and coming draft Trenton Simpson is a LB that I...
  8. Runruffshod75

    Bears trade for Claypool

    This trade made my day. I wanted Pace to draft Claypool and KMet with both of his 2nd round picks. I liked Smith bit the idea of giving a 4-3 WILL LB 20 million per when the Bears are even yet to address the most vital LB position on the roster at the MIKE to me isn't a very bright notion...
  9. Runruffshod75

    9 Draft Picks, $125 mil Salary Cap Enough to Fix this Team?

    No. But it's a nice chunk of change to start the process.
  10. Runruffshod75

    Kmet and Claypool! Reunited!

    LOVE the move and REALLY hope he works out for the long term. I really wanted Pace to use both of his second rounders on Claypool and KMET. What did he cost in picks?
  11. Runruffshod75


    Now just imagine this defense with a stud MIKE LB to pair next to Roquan and a legit 3 technique rotation added in the draft. The Bears will have the #1 defense in the league if they draft legitimate talent at those two vital areas of the scheme.