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  1. Nelly

    Evans > Ebner

    D. Evans looked quick and decisive out there today with his reps, which was pretty much the polar opposite to Trestan Ebner. Not a big deal for your 3rd running back in the grand scheme, but it's worth pointing out. What was the coaching staff seeing all year to keep playing Ebner over Evans?
  2. Nelly

    Getsy likes Cement Commentary from on the above: Thoughts on Kmet perhaps taking the next step in year 3 and becoming a valuable NFL player for Fields/the Bears?
  3. Nelly

    ARob doubtful for Ravens game

    Bum hammy. :( Kmore Kmet!
  4. Nelly

    OT: White cornerbacks

    30 second video for fun.
  5. Nelly

    Do we have to have an offensive-minded head coach?

    The names that most commonly get referenced as our next head coach are Brian Daboll (Buffalo) and Greg Roman (Baltimore). Overlooked in that conversation is how both coach under head coaches who aren't offensive guys. Certainly it hasn't been too much of an obstacle for them to get the most out...
  6. Nelly

    OT: Fisher to the Colts

    Remember when people here said they wanted Fisher to as a bridge to Teven Jenkins at LT? Good times, good times.
  7. Nelly

    Saints looking to move up for Farley

    Per Charles Robinson. Take it for what it's worth. Here's the blurb from Rotoworld. The Titans are are #22 so it looks like it would be a good chance for us to trade down and pick up some more assets. Using to look at pick value, #20 is 850 points while #28 is 660 points. New...
  8. Nelly

    Tarik Cohen?

    With the signing of Damian Williams, what becomes of him now? Between Williams and Montgomery, I don't see any reason to ever give Tarik Cohen another snap from behind the QB considering both the aforementioned guys' abilities to catch the ball while also being a threat run it between the...
  9. Nelly

    QB drafting strategy

    Just spitballing here. For a team that legit lands in the top 3 because they're terrible at the QB position, this doesn't really apply. You've already got a top pick so if there's a top QB prospect there for you, then by all means draft the guy. Still though, if you're taking a guy at the top...
  10. Nelly

    Which cornerbacks are getting cut?

    I've been trying to figure this out since the draft. Help me out here. Of note, we have: Kyle Fuller Jaylon Johnson Buster Skrine Duke Shelley Kevin Tolliver Sherrick McManis Artie Burns Tre Roberson Kindle Vildor We know Fuller, Johnson and Skrine aren't going anywhere. McManis is a...
  11. Nelly


    Ayyy. :beer: