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  1. Poles 1/4 of the season grades

    Gordon - D Brisker - A- VJJ - D Jones - B Patrick - D Pringle - D Equinemous - C
  2. Cut Jamarcus Leaf

    He's done, hopefully Poles can pick a good qb in 2023.
  3. Trade Bustin Fields for whatever draft capital you can get in the offseason

    He is a bust. Andy replacement level player Dalton is better than him. The Bears will be drafting a new qb in the first round in 2023 when they finally have another 1st round pick so may as well just get as many additional picks to hopefully get some good young talent to surround the future qb 1.
  4. Should have traded Bustin Fields

    Shouldn't cut him. There are always desperate teams that will give up way too much for young qbs. But Fields isn't it. And for the people saying it's too early, how many great qbs started with a 3-8 td to interception ratio? in the modern era. It's a small sample size, but...
  5. Should have traded Bustin Fields

    Could have gotten a 1st rounder before the deadline. Now they'll be luck to get a 2nd rounder like the Cards got for dumping mega bust Josh Rosen. 0-17 in 2022, hopefully they get the qb right with the number 1 pick in April 2023.
  6. Trade Bustin Fields

    If Darnold could command a 2nd, 4th and 5th, the Bears can at least get a 1st back. Cut their loss, let the new GM and coach pick their own guy. Fields isn't it.
  7. Fields is the new face of "F*ck It I'm Goin Deep" Fanclub

    As an old school KSK fan, love it. Only change would be to refer to Justin's arm as the dragon. Or an even more bad ass mythological beast.
  8. Has there been a more drastic Fall from Grace then that of Eddie Jackson?

    Mark Carrier and Tommie Harris. Both we're better for their first few years, and then absolutely disappeared.
  9. Update on Team vaccination rates

    I've learned it's not possible to have intelligent conversations with people like you, so honestly fuck yourself you conspiracy theorist cunt. You are literally causing people to die by spreading your anti-vax, anti-science bullshit.
  10. Bears make offer to buy Arlington Park

    Congratulations Bears. As someone from Lake County Indiana I can tell you that you have officially conceded all of Indiana to the Colts. Even though I moved away years ago, I’ve always been able to answer the countless idiots who asked “why aren’t you a Colts fan if you’re from Indiana” by...
  11. Dalton Not Deserving of the Hate? Breaking Down QB Andy Dalton

    Dude, real question...are you a member of the McCaskey or Pace families? You hate Mitch, and cry about needing a good quarterback, but have become the president of the Andy Dalton fan club. Be consistent. If you want to see the Bears get better QB play, which I think most of us want, then...
  12. What do we do long term at QB?

    What should they do? Cut ties with Mitch, see if they can sucker anyone else into giving up anything for Foles, and draft a qb in 2021. If they're bad enough to end up with a top 10 pick, go qb with 1st round. If not, trade down and look for a qb in the 2nd. What will they do? Sell this...
  13. Look Into Trade for Nick Mullins

    If the price is right, it would be worth taking a flyer on Mullins. The Niners are stuck with Jimmy G, because no one will take that contract off his hands. Problem is that I'd hate to give up more than a 3rd rounder, and the Bears don't have one next year. If the Bears can get Mullins for...
  14. Trubisky is a bust

    Time to fire the entire staff, bring in young, offensive minded coaches, and go QB in the first round again. With WR being 2nd and 3rd rounders. Fuck Bears football. How about getting with the 21st Century and look to real, exciting, offensive football that wins championships.
  15. All aboard the Josh Rosen Train

    Because Trubisky sucks donkey balls.
  16. A little perspective on Gould...

    I know almost everyone is calling for his head. And maybe it is time for a change. But regardless of his last 2 games, before he's replaced, shouldn't the Bears have an equal or (preferably) better replacement, or legitimate prospect, lined up? I'm all for going young and looking at the...
  17. Kids Walter Payton Jersey

    Does anyone know any legit online stores to buy a kids Payton jersey? Everything I'm finding looks pretty shady. Thanks.
  18. For those who want to get rid of Cutler...

    who do you want the Bears to send out at QB next year? I'm not a fan of Cutler, but I think he is (and will continue to be) a top 15 QB (yeah he turns the ball over, but there aren't many guys who score as many td's as he does either). Outside of trading for Kaep, there are no options anywhere...
  19. Much love to D Rose

    Mr. Rose, It's unlikely that you'll read this comment, and even if you do, the exceptional mental toughness that you have demonstrated means that it is unlikely that any fan comments, whether good or bad, will have any impact on you. Regardless, I just want to state that I continue to be a...