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  1. Frank Breakfast Styleham

    Have We Seen the Best of Derrick Rose?

    Have we seen the best of Derrick Rose? It pains me to say it but I say yes. The days of him breaking guys ankles on his way to dunking on somebodys head is OVER. As we saw with Danny Manning and Grant Hill it's possible for him to return and to HAVE a very respectable remainder of his career...
  2. Frank Breakfast Styleham

    We Need More of This in Sports
  3. Frank Breakfast Styleham

    ESPN 30 for 30: Ben Wilson

    Wow, did anyone else see ESPN 30 for 30's latest masterpiece? This guy was Michael Jordan BEFORE Michael Jordan and could have rivaled him at the same period of time! History would have been so different if the greatest Chicago-born player hadn't been dealt the cruel twist of fate that came...
  4. Frank Breakfast Styleham

    More Compelling Evidence in the MJ vs. Kobe Lunacy

    Good to Great Players Michael Jordan Had as Teammates: 1. Scottie Pippen (Hall of Famer, Dream Teamer, Top 50) 2. Dennis Rodman (One of the greatest rebounders and lock-down defenders to ever live) 3. Horace Grant (Double Double Averages) Good to Great Players Kobe Bryant Has Had as...
  5. Frank Breakfast Styleham

    Juwan Howard's Rap Album

    Juwan Howard dropping a new joint with the help of many other NBA players. Feel the beat, yo.
  6. Frank Breakfast Styleham


    Report: LeBron James has won his third MVP award. Over/Under: When LeBron retires he will have... 1. _______ points 2. _______ MVP awards 3. _______ rings 4. _______ rd All-Time Scoring
  7. Frank Breakfast Styleham

    NEW Chicity Podcast Episode

    Um.....guess what everyone? The Frank Breakfast-Styleham Show IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We talk about Paul Silas. Blake Griffin. We give a shout out to Chicago's proudest son, Hou. And we cover last nights Heat-Bulls...
  8. Frank Breakfast Styleham

    Tim Hardaway to the Hall of Fame?

    Tim Hardaway – Hall of Famer? Hearing more and more whispers about Chicago's proudest son Tim Hardaway being enshrined in the Hall of Fame. As much as I love Timmy Hardaway, is there anyone on here who actually thinks he deserves to be in the Basketball Hall of Fame!? Kevin Johnson had...
  9. Frank Breakfast Styleham

    Pat Riley Singing

    Pat Riley performs "My Girl" at Shane Battier's "South Beach Battioke" Karaoke charity event - YouTube
  10. Frank Breakfast Styleham

    Who is the Greatest White American Player?

    Let me ask some racial questions. There hasn't been a GREAT white American player in a long time. 1. Kevin Love is the greatest white American-born player SINCE...(?) 2. Who is the greatest white American-born player?
  11. Frank Breakfast Styleham

    NBA Top 10 Players of All Time

    Obviously we've done this before...but with Kobe climbing higher and higher on the Mt. Everest of the NBA with face-altering instruments in hand, I think it's time to revisit our "Top 10 Players of All-Time" list. Great thing about sports is, you never know WHAT'S gonna happen - so with that...
  12. Frank Breakfast Styleham

    Ben Gordon Goes OFF

    Ben Gordon was a man possessed tonight. 45 points tying an NBA record for most three's without a brick, 9-9. Makes me miss having Ben Gordon on the Bulls - we could use that red hot shooting off the bench. No disrespect to John Lucas but once his 15 minutes of luck-filled fame are spent and...
  13. Frank Breakfast Styleham

    Andrew Bogut Dealt to the Bay Area just breaking the Andrew Bogut trade that is set to go down. Golden State trades superstar guard Monta Ellis, Ekpe Udoh and what's left of Kwame Brown to Milwaukee in exchange for center Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson, also included as a throw-in, makes his triumphant return to...
  14. Frank Breakfast Styleham

    Dominique Wilkins Attacked by NBA Referee

    Dominique Wilkins, one of my absolute favorite players of all-time attacked after doing his Hawks telecast last a former NBA referee!? No other player...
  15. Frank Breakfast Styleham

    Best April Fools Day Prank Ever!

    Best April Fools Day prank in NBA history. I love Cubes. I wish he would be the Commissioner instead of the Fuhrer (Stern). YouTube - cuban_april_fools.m4v
  16. Frank Breakfast Styleham

    GAME WORN baby!

    Found a cool shop of game-worn jerseys, shorts, shoes, you name it! Who wants Elden Campbell's bath robe? It can be yours for just 60 bucks! I'm really thinking of getting it. I would look so good walking around the house in that bad boy. This is a great place to go for really random...
  17. Frank Breakfast Styleham

    2011 Playoff Predictions

    I don't know about all of you, but I've grown tired of all the petty disagreements on this forum. Let's just talk about good ole fashioned basketball (some of you guys really need to grow up - no offense). What is everyone's predictions for the playoffs? 1. Who will play in the Western...
  18. Frank Breakfast Styleham

    Rami The Sports Fan's Friends Uncle Died

    Hey everyone. I regret to inform you that our buddy Rami the Sports Fan has a friend whose uncle died last week. We just want you to know we're here for you man. Maybe if anyone knew the deceased, you could take this opportunity to share some stories about their life. Sounded like a...
  19. Frank Breakfast Styleham

    Elizabeth Taylor 1932-2011

    Hey everyone, I regret to inform you that Elizabeth Taylor passed away in her Beverly Hills home earlier this morning. Truly the loss of a legend. Elizabeth Taylor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  20. Frank Breakfast Styleham

    Cheap Triple Doubles

    Of JaVale McGee, Andray Blatche, Ricky Davis and Bob Sura (whose video I wasn't able to find unfortunately), which triple double is the cheapest of all? YouTube - JaVale McGee notches a triple-double against the Bulls YouTube - Andray Blatche - The Man Who Just Wanted A Triple-Double...