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  1. Mark Prior is a Cub again !!! PTBN later from Boston

    On phone can't post link
  2. Trent Dilfer: "Jay Cutler is gonna blow up next year"

    trent just said on ESPN that he thinks Jay will become a elite QB next year and be one of the most improved. Said seeing his demeanor change for the better last year and thinks he has matured and will really be one of the best QBs. I have always though Trent Dilfer was the best QB play analyst...
  3. Broncos want Caleb Hanie as Peyton Manning’s backup

    Broncos want Caleb Hanie as Peyton Manning’s backup | ProFootballTalk LOL They better hope PM doesnt get hurt Hanie is awful I though he wouldnt get another job after last year guess I was wrong.
  4. OT: Cardinals To Extend Yadier Molina at 5yrs 75 million dollars

    Cardinals To Extend Yadier Molina: MLB Rumors - WOWsers did they overpay I doubt he would of got near that on the open market.
  5. Miami Marlins will be on "the franchise" on showtime this year

    Showtime to feature Marlins on Season 2 of 'The Franchise' | News I watched a few eposides last year and it was on the boring Giants it is very well done by show time though. This is a must watch with Z and Ozzie hoping for a train wreck:troll:
  6. Blake DeWitt Clears Waivers

    Transactions | Team wow he sucks worse than some though:D
  7. Yoenis Cespedes Granted Free Agency

    he sited the reason being he didnt want to play in Miami. So looks like we are the favorites yuck.
  8. LMFAO: The Cubs are teaching their prospects the ins and outs of party rocking

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> :obama: LMFAO: The Cubs are teaching their prospects the ins and outs of party rocking - Big League Stew - MLB Is this why all our prospects suck??
  9. Cutler and Brandon Marshall want to reunite

    LOL of course he wants Ryan Clady kids a beast on the OL Make it happen please!!!
  10. Ryan Braun Fails PED test 50 game ban

    Ryan Braun of Milwaukee Brewers tests positive for performance-enhancing drug - ESPN
  11. preseason set

    Scores and Schedules | Dec [email protected] my Pacers Dec 20th in Chicago
  12. Jay Cutler engaged again

    KristinCav Kristin Cavallari This time its official..Jay and I are engaged again :)
  13. here is the NBA's proposal Details of the NBA's CBA Proposal. - YouTube 1:17 shows how a team is constructed after year 3. Bad players still get a shit ton of money. looks fair to me players still make a shit ton of money...
  14. Cubs intrigued by Yoenis Cespedes

    ChiTribRogers Phil Rogers Cubs are very intrigued by Cuban CF Cespedes. He could become their free-agent priority this time around, if homework checks out. anyone seen him play? 5 tool player and some say best player from Cuba in generations and think he could be a 30 30 player. I have never...
  15. John Henry hoped to keep Theo

    Boston Red Sox owner John Henry said he 'did everything' to keep Theo Epstein - ESPN Boston BOSTON -- Negotiations continued Friday between the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs for Theo Epstein's services, but Red Sox principal owner John Henry spoke as if the deal is done. "I would love to...
  16. If this is true I think we have a bright future ahead

    Kaplan: Epstein 'blown away' by Ricketts' long-term plans I haven't been this excited in some time. If he really does all these things he is saying we have a really bright future and in 5 years should be a hell of a franchise top to bottom. I am starting to like Mr. Ricketts.
  17. This is why Friedman would want to leave Tampa

    2011 ALDS: Tampa Bay Rays owner Stuart Sternberg frustrated - ESPN I think Friedman will want to leave Tampa if thy are doing that poorly financially
  18. You can kiss the NBA season good bye if this happens...

    NBA agents' group warns clients in joint memo - ESPN the PA wants to decertify. WojYahooNBA Adrian Wojnarowski Prominent player agent to Y!: "We're not just walking off the cliff with (Billy Hunter). We're ready to take the next step and decertify." LOL this will be an epic fail on their...
  19. Why Dane Sanzenbacher being one of leading receivers is a problem

    Why Dane Sanzenbacher being one of leading receivers is a problem - Inside the Bears I feel like I wrote this have have been preaching this,
  20. NBA2k12 Online franchise sign up (Xbox 360)

    Online franchise has been confirmed and I wanna set up an online franchise for 2k12 just seeing who is interested. I will be the Pacers and if your interested just post your Xbox GT and what team you want. <iframe width="560" height="315" src=""...