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  1. RC_Skinny22

    Looks like we got Pau Gasol again...

    I watched every possession this season and I´m already a little tired of Vuc. I get some major flashbacks of watching Pau Gasol when he was here. He is afraid to bang with the big guys inside the paint. Defensively he never gets a hand up, everyone is just shooting over him. Too slow to block...
  2. RC_Skinny22

    Your All-Time Chicago Bulls

    I know I made a thread like this couple of years ago, but was unable to find it. Anyway, what does your 15 man roster look like? Interested to see what changed over the years... :) Mine: PG: Rose SG: Jordan SF: Pippen PF: Rodman C: Gilmore 6: Hinrich 7: Butler 8: Deng 9: Grant 10: Noah 11...
  3. RC_Skinny22

    Bulls All-Time rivalry team

    Since we don't have any big topics to discuss during that horrible season: What does your All-Time Chicago Bulls rivalry team look like? Who do you put on that roster? No brainers in my mind are LeBron, Wade, Rondo, Ray Allen, Pierce and Bosh. From the earlier days I woul put in I. Thomas...
  4. RC_Skinny22

    Carmelo Anthony is now a Bull!!!

    Per Woj. The Rockets send Melo and cash! Hell no... All about the cash to pay Boylan! :D
  5. RC_Skinny22

    Which team wins right now?

    Team 1: PG: Rondo SG: Wade SF: Butler PF: Gibson C: Lopez Team 2: PG: Rose SG: Moore SF: Dunleavy PF: Gasol C: Noah Might actually be a close one...
  6. RC_Skinny22

    Why Derrick Rose got injured scientifically What do you think about this? Bad technique or bad luck?
  7. RC_Skinny22

    How Rondo, Wade & Butler fit together (Video)

    Honestly I don't see this working out well ...
  8. RC_Skinny22

    Mystery solved! FUNNY!!! :D

    Finally the myth about the sprayed helmet is revealed: The way he tells the story is hella funny, should become a...
  9. RC_Skinny22

    Bulls launch history homepage

    Check it out, it´s really awesome! :)
  10. RC_Skinny22

    New Bulls Offense Is Definition Of Pace And Space
  11. RC_Skinny22

    Bulls in trade talks for Rudy Gay?

    According to some reports on Facebook the Bulls might be in talks for a Rudy Gay <-> Taj Gibson & Doug McDermott trade. The have not been any serious sources but would you be open for this trade?
  12. RC_Skinny22

    Shaq says All-Time Lakers team beats All-Time Bulls team by 50!!!

    This guy has lost his damn mind. You can argue for either team to win, but by 50!?! This is one more proof that this guy doesn´t know shit about basketball! He is on the halftime shows only because he´s a clown and kind of funny. I liked Pippen´s response to this...
  13. RC_Skinny22

    Bulls Postseason Grades

    From A to F, how would you rate the performance of the Bulls players and Thibs during the playoffs? Mine: Rose: B Butler: A- Dunleavy: C Gasol: C Noah: D Brooks: E- Hinrich: D+ Snell: C Gibson: C- Mirotic: E- Thibs: C
  14. RC_Skinny22

    New D.Rose McFarlane figure released in February

    Can´t say that it looks that good (imo the older one looked better) but I´ll buy one no matter what! :) Source:
  15. RC_Skinny22

    Hinrich to Warriors?

    So the sellout begins?
  16. RC_Skinny22

    OT: What a clown ... I would´ve kicked him in the face :obama:
  17. RC_Skinny22

    Speculation: Blockbuster 4 Team Trade

    Chicago Bulls Get: Amar'e Stoudemire, PF, New York Knicks (expiring contract) Iman Shumpert, SG, New York Knicks Kris Humphries, PF, Boston Celtics (expiring contract) Houston Rockets' 2015 first-round pick Houston Rockets Get: Loul Deng, SF, Chicago Bulls Raymond Felton, PG, New York...
  18. RC_Skinny22

    OT: Another torn ACL ...

  19. RC_Skinny22

    Thibs gives his all!

    :D :D :D