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  1. Warden of the Northeast

    Did Pace & Nagy get secret under the table contract extensions?

    These moves make no sense for guys who were supposedly all in this coming season in order to save their jobs.
  2. Warden of the Northeast

    Mitch and his girlfriend are now engaged

    Congrats to the Mako's on their engagement, hope they have a happy life together...and many healthy baby sharks. His now fiance can hang her hat on the fact that she's marrying the first ever NVP. 🏆
  3. Warden of the Northeast

    Remember some of you said that there was no chance the NFL season would finish?

    You coronabros were so sure that the season was doomed and it was never going to finish....well here we are, three games from the finish with only a few hiccups along the way. What a bunch of dumb coronabros.
  4. Warden of the Northeast

    Apparently on Wednesday Nagy talked to the team about Gardner-Johnson

    Nagy said he took 10 minutes of valuable time to talk to the team about the antics of CJ Gardner-Johnson and Anthony Miller still took the bait. It's almost like Nagy was dumbfounded on how Miller could do that after stressing just a few days ago how they shouldn't. Club Thug is likely to be one...
  5. Warden of the Northeast

    Where was Jimmy Graham today?

    Yet another mental midget that disappears in huge games...and you would think he'd play hard vs Payton and the Saints...nope, joke is on me I guess.
  6. Warden of the Northeast

    Anthony Miller just punched his ticket off the team

    You can't do that in a playoff game...he's a headcase.
  7. Warden of the Northeast

    Eddie Jackson is a fraud

    He the first to lead a spirited pregame huddle and then goes on to play marshmallow soft and disappears in games. He shall now be called FauxJack.
  8. Warden of the Northeast

    Inactives vs the Saints (It's bad, real bad)

    Roquan Smith (elbow) Darnell Mooney (ankle) Jaylon Johnson (shoulder) Buster Skrine (concussion) Lachavious Simmons Daniel McCullers Trevis Gipson
  9. Warden of the Northeast

    Leonard Floyd is playing out of his mind

    Great job by Pace letting him go and signing his older and more expensive replacement...our team is a dumpster fire.
  10. Warden of the Northeast

    Harvard astronomer confident alien probe visited us in 2017

    Bombshell! I think full disclosure happens in 2021...there's no use hiding it anymore.
  11. Warden of the Northeast

    Don't pay ARob

    He disappears against good teams. Use the $19M per year somewhere else.
  12. Warden of the Northeast

    Mitch won't finish the game today

    Had a little premonition earlier, Mitch will get dinged and will have to leave the game...BDN will have to come in and that will be a colossal disaster.
  13. Warden of the Northeast

    Now that the season is officially over

    I'd say it was a season of missed opportunities and poor personnel decisions. On to 2021!
  14. Warden of the Northeast

    Here's how it's going to play out

    Niners over Cards Bears over Jags Packers over Titans Bears over Packers whom have nothing to play for Saints over Bears in the playoffs.
  15. Warden of the Northeast

    Don't look now, but the Eagles have tied it up

    Would be huge for the Bears if they can pull out an unexpected win in Arizona...whoop!
  16. Warden of the Northeast

    Eddie Jackson

    The dude sucks...he's loafing it out there. He as soft as a marshmallow.
  17. Warden of the Northeast

    More atrocious stats, this time on the defensive side

    2018 under Fangio: 50 sacks, 27 ints, 36 takeaways, and 6 TD's 2019 and 2020 combined under Pagano: 55 sacks, 17 ints, 31 takeaways, and 2 TD's. The 2018 team almost out performed two years of defenses in every sad. As of right now the 2020 Bears defense is no longer top 10 in...
  18. Warden of the Northeast

    James McMahon

    Imagine trying to be so secretive about picking a QB no one else wanted that you go as far as putting a reservation under an alias such as James McMahon....and you trade valuable draft capital to do so. Pace is a complete and utter d*ck!icker. I can't wait until he's shown the door after...
  19. Warden of the Northeast

    Let's talk about the strong "culture" of this team under Nagy

    You have Wims who throws punches in a game and gets suspended for 2 games while Nagy sits back and does nothing. Ridley who seems to be busting his ass then gets called up from the practice squad and appears in games. Then Wims suspension ends and Ridley who has been a good soldier gets demoted...
  20. Warden of the Northeast

    Well, as of this morning Nagy is still the HC

    Chris Emma @CEmma670 · 51m Fresh off a devastating defeat and with his job security in question, Bears coach Matt Nagy is back to work this morning. Nagy said to @WBBMNewsradio : "Obviously, a loss like that is tough. The only thing you can do is pick up the pieces and get right back at it...