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  1. slicker sam

    Relax, guys...
  2. slicker sam

    OT Stafford acts like an ass in SB parade Remember where you came from Matt …the LIONS !! lol
  3. slicker sam

    Vikes Interview Harbaugh
  4. slicker sam

    I saw Nagy and looking at his playsheet

    Both teams lost lol!
  5. slicker sam

    Thoughts on Desai after 1/4 of the season

    Also needs to limit the stupid penalties on especially on 3rd down and get off the field
  6. slicker sam

    Fire Nagy petition found here

    Bears Fans Petition Team to Fire Matt Nagy After Loss to Browns Please get rid of this clown before he ruins this team any further !
  7. slicker sam

    Herbert > Williams?

    Anyone want to see more Herbert over Williams as the # 2 RB?
  8. slicker sam

    Good read on the S$&tshow secondary yup
  9. slicker sam

    Anyone expect Fields to fail like every other Bears QB?

    I think Fields will make Nagy look better ... which is concerning
  10. slicker sam

    Kupp on Covid list

    And... they just signed Bortles.. sigh
  11. slicker sam

    When can we get rid of Nick Foles?

    We’re keeping so he can get 2 rings lol
  12. slicker sam


    Packers didnt win. Fuck the refs ! This was just the worst gifted game... fuck the packers bitches !
  13. slicker sam

    RODGERS : Groin injury slowed me down.... REALLY ? This guy SMH..
  14. slicker sam

    Who scores more against the Bills....

    OK ... The Bills on Offense against Bears D... not much The Bears Offense against Bills D ....Questionable Does the Bears D out score our offense ?? Thoughts..
  15. slicker sam

    How much time will Trubisky get in pre season

    The usual 1st quarter ," then 3 quarters in the 3rd etc...? Probably needs more reps in the new system. Do they play him more??
  16. slicker sam

    OT: T.J. Ward Cut from Broncos