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  1. Poles in win win spot w QB

    This year was an intentional tank.
  2. Poles in win win spot w QB

    So college = NFL now?
  3. Poles in win win spot w QB

    Fields, even though he is not a good passer, can win games against the non-elite defenses with his running ability. His elite rushing ability will not have the Bears getting a # 1 overall pick.
  4. C J Stroud

    And TD's, Levis will be a bust. Passing yards are a good measure of a qb's ability to move an offense. Go to and look up the default ranking of qb's stats for the year. This is not me sorting it this way, yards are the default ranking for qb stats...
  5. C J Stroud

    Thanks for your insight.
  6. C J Stroud

    Levis ranks the 71st highest qb in passing yards and is tied 50th for TD's in college football for 2022.

    If you don't make many passing attemps, you dont throw as many ints. Its looking unlikely that anyone from the 2021 class will be a top-5 qb.
  8. Can Fields be a top 10 passer

    Passing is easier when your defense sucks because of garabage time stats which Fields could not even do.
  9. Can Fields be a top 10 passer

    Per game, not total yards in a season. You can try to hide a bad passing qb by not having the qb have many passing attempts.
  10. Can Fields be a top 10 passer

    # 34 is pretty good right?
  11. Bryce Young Thread

    Mahomes can pass well, Fields cannot. Fields is much more likely to get injured than learn to become a top passer in this league.
  12. Bryce Young Thread

    Fields does not take half of those beatings if he processed the game faster. He holds onto the ball far too long. Half of those beatings were just terrible line play.
  13. IGT Thread: Packers vs Lions

    Thats how you know he has declined dramatically.
  14. Bryce Young Thread

    Taking Bryce Young and trading Fields would give the Bears 5 years on a rookie deal to rebuild. I doubt they do it but Young (other than his height) is a great prospect.
  15. ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs Vikings (ポップチームエピック Edition)

    The poster stated against Detroit. Fields had 75 yards passing. Anyways, we are arguing which qb had less s**itty passing stats.
  16. ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs Vikings (ポップチームエピック Edition)

    The Bears had over 75 passing yards in the first half before the starters were pulled. It took our other qb an entire game to get that.
  17. ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs Vikings (ポップチームエピック Edition)

    Last game we only threw for 75 yards. Its nearly double that this game and Peterson sucks.
  18. Shay Sharpe speaking facts about Fields

    Young was a bigger part of his offense than Fields was.