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  1. Rise

    If Bears take Carter at #1….

    I’d rather trade out of the top 4 vs taking a player at 1. So if by some chance the Texans and colts don’t want to trade see what the other teams will offer. Somebody will sell the farm to move up. I like Anderson and Carter but I’m not convinced they are these generational game wreckers they...
  2. Rise

    Packers expected to consider trading Aaron Rodgers to AFC team in 2023 offseason, per report

    They will be lucky to get a 2nd round pick for him.
  3. Rise

    Did the Bears Make a Mistake Hiring Eberflus?

    Yes it was a mistake unless he can find his OC for 15 years like Josh McDaniels was for Bill. Oh and he also needs to have the goat qb, otherwise it’s a mistake. Our ceiling is the Buffalo bills, you like that?
  4. Rise

    Roughly 2 years from now, NFC Championship Game will be in Chicago

    First off I hope you can make it, not sure what you’re dealing with but I think the same about my Dad. Tomorrow is never guaranteed, As for the Bears this playoffs just reinforced how much I disliked the Eberflus hire. Look at the Bills they are going backwards and it is obvious why. All 4 of...
  5. Rise

    **OFFICAIL** Bears Offseason News & Schleisse - FTO Preferred - No ALTS! Derailing Is Discouraged!

    I don’t understand why these dumb teams are “considering” Fangio. If you have the chance to hire him as a DC you do it.
  6. Rise

    ***OFFICAIL*** BAERS Will Be On Hard Knocks This Year [2023 #calledit Kickoff Convention]

    It’s now or never for the bears to do this. No team has pipe make a better story for this off-season I mean they have everything you want if you’re making this show.
  7. Rise

    Ian Cunningham

    I think the whole league knows what the Bears plan is, it isn’t rocket science.
  8. Rise

    Bears have a new president

    Nobody knew what to do with Covid. I’m pretty sure we all have regrets from that time. I’m excited, football guy with good business sense, seems like a common sense hire. I read that someone from the cubs was the other finalist, F that!
  9. Rise

    Bears have a new president

    Big 10 fans seem happy he is leaving, or those could be trolls I can’t tell I don’t really follow college. I do know the big 10 added some pretty big schools under this guy so he seems like someone who gets shit done. Hopefully now the Bears will have a real voice in league meetings (maybe even...
  10. Rise

    You guys think Rodgers retires? Traded?

    Rodgers will be back dont fall for his bs. He is a master manipulator and going to retirement after another annual choke loss is his go to so he doesn’t get hammered by the media in the press conference. He is all about the money, or as he calls it energy lol. He insisted on that guaranteed...
  11. Rise

    Cunningham Already Getting Interviews

    Cmon can we ever have nice things? Just need him to stick around for one more year at least.
  12. Rise

    **OFFICAIL** Bears Offseason News & Schleisse - FTO Preferred - No ALTS! Derailing Is Discouraged!

    Will he show up to the interview with two dangeruss subway sandwiches and just stare at Quinn while chewing?
  13. Rise

    With the First overall pick the Chicago Bears...(First pick discussion only)

    Then they can enjoy their 2nd choice at QB and watch their divisional opponent start the top guy twice a year cause we calling back Indy next. Still want to hold on to that 2nd?
  14. Rise

    IGT Thread: Packers vs Lions

    I wonder what Rodgers trade value is? He hasn’t passed for 300 yards in 21 games in a row now. Has a huge contract as well. I guess the Raiders would probably go for it, maybe we can be petty and get the raiders pick 1 so they don’t want him lol.
  15. Rise

    They really trying to keep them.

    We should have had this 23 years ago. Looks great instead we got a concrete dump, so embarrassing once you go to other stadiums and realize how bad it is.
  16. Rise

    Former Bears HC fired

    I’d love to have him back as a consultant on defense. Not even kidding that was the one coach who had the bears believing they were superior since I guess buddy Ryan/Ditka. He is a true bear and he should be here.
  17. Rise

    IGT Thread: Packers vs Lions

    Detroit is going to be a force. They had to score TDs twice multiple times to win this game and they did it. Watch out for them next year I bet they win the division.
  18. Rise

    IGT Thread: Packers vs Lions

    They can’t win, refs won’t let them. No sense in even watching it really.
  19. Rise

    IGT Thread: Packers vs Lions

    The NFL a will get caught for their blatant rigging eventually and it will kill its popularity just like with the NBA.
  20. Rise

    Elmer Fudd could NOT screw up this off-season.

    They will be in the playoffs by 2024. The question is will it be with what looks like a dominant team or is it a desperate, bought, just made it team like the Jaguars this year.