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  1. *Video* Warren introductory press conference

    Yes. That is sick. Given how much money they just put into the Hallas Hall complex there is no way that they are not keeping that. The stadium will be separate regardless. Lol. Agreed they are long overdue for a modern stadium.
  2. *Video* Warren introductory press conference

    The Bears training facility is already state of the art and on par with this video. Look it up. Pace did a great job with it.
  3. *Video* Warren introductory press conference

    Being in the building makes him responsible for the decision? I am glad you are a CCS writer and not a judge. Your should be doing research to bring us information that keeps us more informed not making people more ignorant. Either put in some effort or stop posting. Already too many dumb...
  4. *Video* Warren introductory press conference

    18:26 "..winning a championship. All you have to do is look at the playoffs. It's wide open. Especially in the NFC. Anyone can win." Translation - a lot of shitty teams in the NFC playoffs. Opportunity is there.
  5. **OFFICAIL** Bears Offseason News & Schleisse - FTO Preferred - No ALTS! Derailing Is Discouraged!

    We need to keep in mind too that many of these players have suffered several consussions and might be diagnosed with CIT if the NFL were actually trying to look for it.
  6. **OFFICAIL** Bears Offseason News & Schleisse - FTO Preferred - No ALTS! Derailing Is Discouraged!

    Greg on the Ballroom Network is a vey good listen. Obvious flaws but tons of good information, inside information and more common sense than the highly reactive fanbase.
  7. OT: Roquan signs 5 yr/$100M extension with Ravens

    Urlacher was the best player on our team for almost 10 years at that same position in this same defense. They are not the same player and Ro does not have the strength, size or height to do what Urlacher did for this defense but i dont think it's a position question unless you want to argue...
  8. OT: Roquan signs 5 yr/$100M extension with Ravens

    Could they not fit both into the system? I know in a 3/4 they could be a terror together but I think Ro in the middle and Sanborn at WLB could be a force. And where else is the money going to go?
  9. OT: Roquan signs 5 yr/$100M extension with Ravens

    That is his waekness but apparently they do bc he has excelled there and their defensive stats went from 20s to top 10 and top 5 after he arrived. Many point out the bad Offenses they faced since then but when was the last time we saw the Ravens make a bad D player investment? And won't matter...
  10. OT: Roquan signs 5 yr/$100M extension with Ravens

    I don't understand where the Bears are going to spend all this money. They literally get fined if they are under the cap. Roquan is a top 5 player at his position. Would anyone get mad if we traded back this year and took an off the ball like backer with his talent at say 10 and he was...
  11. I dont see Texans or Colts trade up

    We still should receive an extra #1 next year and #2 this year as well as the #4 this year and if that plays out most believe there will be 2 QB taken in the fist five so we can likely trade back again for a team that wants Levis or pick up the OT or a DE. Things will change so much by the time...
  12. So we traded the #33 pick for Claypool?

    Yes the Packers drove the price up and they were desperate for a WR. But that does not mean the trade was bad. Hard Pass on Hopkins. He is 31 and is being paid over 15Mil a year and has under a 1,000 yards the past 2 years. I know he was suspended this year but not sure at what point and not...
  13. So we traded the #33 pick for Claypool?

    I would laugh this off but after watching Poles presser today and how much he said he did not know or care what was going on with the Houston game and how he could care less about having the #1 pick does anyone believe that he did not purposely tank? They severly limited Claypools snap count...
  14. So we traded the #33 pick for Claypool?

    History would say you are very wrong. Do yourself a favor and look up the #32 pick for the last 10 years. It's pretty sad overall. Draft picks are valuable but a crap shoot. Claypool has a proven year in the NFL as a playmaker his rookie year and a couple other years of being ok but with weak...
  15. So we traded the #33 pick for Claypool?

    Maybe give him more than half a year with a new system and not offseason before labeling him garbage. His traits are off the charts. He had 11 TDs as a rookie. I still think we need a real #1 but he can be a good #2 or # 1b complimentary receiver and a go up and get it outlet for Fields.
  16. So we traded the #33 pick for Claypool?

    Why are there so many crybabies on this board? If we would have won a few more games and it was the 40th pick you wouldn't have made this thread? And Poles should have had the same fore vision? Stop bleeding. We have the 1st overall pick and the most cap room maybe ever. Have you ever seen a...
  17. Time to put the “1 year rebuild” bs to bed

    That's all true. Is that the norm? The statement which I found delusional was that "the Worst team can Usually" make it to the playoffs the following year with a good off-season. Had that ever happened without them also obtaining a "franchise" QB ? Are they easy to find?
  18. How Far Are You Willing to Trade Down?

    I agree with staying in range to get one those 2 but any pick can bust and this is a deep d-line draft. If we can pick up a fortune to move back in the teens be it with one pick that nets a first next year or two trade downs for multiple high round picks tops year i like that strategy too...
  19. What is a generational player?

    Didn't read the comments so might have already been said but i've always taken it as implying that he is a generation player at his position. But also that even with that context it is never meant to be taken literally and if you have Jerry Rice and Randy Moss playing in the same game you can...
  20. Poles A+++

    This thread is shit. Poles is at least A++++ to anyone that truly knows football.