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  1. hebs

    Can we get a sub for mock drafts?

    Any chance we can get a temporary sub-forum for mock drafts? You know… a safe space where HHM can put down the rubber sheets and really let his freak flag fly??
  2. hebs

    Who do you like at the 7-9 range?

    unless you're the Bears and hope Fields falls out of the top 10. lol
  3. hebs

    Packers & Titans Are Done

    They’re not all gross. I promise. Mine tastes different. Here… just try the tip. See what you think.
  4. hebs

    C J Stroud

    Prove it! lol
  5. hebs

    Crazy trade idea

  6. hebs


    You mean they're not getting Payne, Buckner, Smith-Schuster, Gilmore, Orlando Brown AND Rodney Hudson? Prove it!!!!
  7. hebs

    Bryce Young Thread

    Well luckily... It's safe to say that whatever choice the Bears decide to go with.... it will be the wrong one. lol
  8. hebs

    IGT: Texans at Colts

    Guaranteed trade down now??
  9. hebs

    IGT: Texans at Colts

    Have faith my son
  10. hebs

    How Far Are You Willing to Trade Down?

    As far as it takes to rake in the largest haul. The Bears need as many high round picks over the next few years that they can get.
  11. hebs

    EQ gets a 1 year contract extension

    I expect them to do something. I’m putting all of my eggs in the trade down scenario basket. The football gods surely will smile upon the Bears and give them the gift of the first pick this weekend. (Gooooo Texans!!) 😂 A trade back to the middle of the first round with hopefully a haul of...
  12. hebs

    EQ gets a 1 year contract extension

    Just a sign of things to come in the WR market.... ugh...
  13. hebs

    Luke Little WR

    GUYS! Ok. Hear me out guys! What if…. They keep Fields but draft Stroud? They could play them on the Field at the same most of the game. They can take turns at QB, running back and maybe even play WR or TE! The NFL won’t know what hit them!! Wooo!!!
  14. hebs

    Bears ready to move on from fields?

    Don’t worry. I hear they’re gonna have Deforest Buckner and Daron Payne on the D line next year. 😉
  15. hebs

    Bears ready to move on from fields?

    I say trade him to the team that hires Sean Payton so we can watch him take over the league and bitch and moan about it for the next 30 years.
  16. hebs

    DeAndre Hopkins will be a Bear in 2023

    My #calledit is that Poles won't trade a single draft pick for a veteran player for the next 2 years.
  17. hebs

    I'm Calling Bills Game Right Now - Call it on record

    Their fans are.... lol
  18. hebs

    Is Jack Sanborn injury prone ?

    The weird "bait" titles were kinda funny the first few times... Now they're well..... just not.
  19. hebs

    If you like measurables

    I thought this thread was going somewhere else...