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  1. WindyCity

    2nd Last Mock Draft

    Round 1 1[1] Jacksonville Jaguars: DE Aiden Hutchenson [Michigan] 1[2] Detroit Lions: QB Malik Willis [Liberty] 1[3] Houston Texans: OT Evan Neal [Alabama] 1[4] NY Jets: CB Sauce Gardner [Cincinnati] 1[5] NY Giants: OT Ikem Okunwo [NC State] 1[6] Carolina Panthers: QB Kenny Pickett [Pitt] 1[7]...
  2. WindyCity

    Pre-Free Agency Bears Mock Offseason

    Comp pick next year.
  3. WindyCity

    Pre-Free Agency Bears Mock Offseason

    WR Allen Robinson [Detroit] 4 years 72 million/35 guaranteed [3rd] DT Akiem Hicks [LAC] 3 years 27 million/14 guaranteed [5th] DT Bilal Nichols [Hou] 4 years 30 million/14 guaranteed [5th] QB Andy Dalton [SEA] 1 year 5 million [6th] WR Jakeem Grant [NE] 3 years 15 million/7 guaranteed [6th] OT...
  4. WindyCity

    Pros and cons of Matt Eberflus

    Pro: He is not Leslie Frazier
  5. WindyCity

    Aesopian Mock Off Season

    They changed that. Position coach to coordinator can’t be blocked either.
  6. WindyCity

    Ryan pace

    By year 15 maybe he would have improved enough for us to win a playoff game. It’s the NFL, not grade school.
  7. WindyCity

    If Pace becomes President of football operations, the next GM will be

    The Tom Coughlin Jaguars but that was a disaster. The Saints operate like this, but Loomis still has GM title, Ireland does most of the day to day. The Cowboys with Jerry, but Will McClay is really the GM. Technically the Bengals, but Duke Tobin runs the show, even if he is the #2. That is...
  8. WindyCity

    If Pace becomes President of football operations, the next GM will be

    What the F is that job description. Strong willed GM, who is willing to take advice from previous failed GM, but only on rounds 4-7 and maybe only on defense… Why would any decent GM candidate agree to work for the guy who just failed his way upstairs because the owner wants to be his friend...
  9. WindyCity

    If Pace becomes President of football operations, the next GM will be

    A glorified personnel director. Moving Ryan to president is insulting to the fan base. He will still be the defacto GM with a different title.
  10. WindyCity

    Chicago Bears GM/Coaching Rumors Thread

    Will be a hard day on here for the Pace defenders.
  11. WindyCity

    Tevin Jenkins

    He was bad. We hope he improves with more reps and time to get healthy and in shape.
  12. WindyCity

    Day Interested in Bears?

    I think you are over estimating their relationship. If Day wants to move to the NFL this is likely the best spot, with a QB he loves.
  13. WindyCity

    Day Interested in Bears?

    Why would he come and work for a GM who is on his 9th life and is a mediocre start to the season away from people chanting for him to be fired?
  14. WindyCity

    Report: Pace likely out

    Pace is teflon. Do not get your hopes up.
  15. WindyCity

    Are Bears the most attractive HC job on the market?

    I think it plays out like this -Nagy is fired, because they simply have to feed someone to the wolves. -They do an awkward mental gymnastics routine to keep Pace while mentioning Fields in every sentence. -I think Pace limits the HC pool a little. I cannot see big time coaching candidates not...
  16. WindyCity

    Jackson hates fire Nagy chants at Bulls game

    Bears suck people chant. Maybe Eddie should address the root cause.
  17. WindyCity

    Albert Breer: Scouts on Redraft - Fields goes No. 2?

    We are finally on the right side of one of these.
  18. WindyCity

    Would the McCaskeys ever be this bold?

    When Virginia dies there will be like 14 McCaskeys who all own like 5% of the team each. A bunch will want to take their 200 million and bounce. Fuck a dividends check every year when I can cash out 200 million right.
  19. WindyCity

    Would the McCaskeys ever be this bold?

    How can they afford not to?