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  1. Rob Noxious

    Is Fields The Most Athletic QB

    Justin Fields is the best QB of all time. Tom Brady is number2.
  2. Rob Noxious

    ***OFFICIAL ***Justin Fields critique thread. (FTO)

    I like Fields. I’m not that critical of him. Grateful is more like it. I’ve never known such a talented Bears QB. I can’t wait until it comes together in the coming days. I had something funny to say about fitting a strap-on to a football and fucking oneself, but I don’t want to get banned, even...
  3. Rob Noxious

    Fields’ cleats from Miami game headed to Canton!

    Here they are in Canton. Not happy about them making him share a case with the Justin Jefferson catch
  4. Rob Noxious

    Fields’ cleats from Miami game headed to Canton!
  5. Rob Noxious

    Fields’ cleats from Miami game headed to Canton!

    I heard that they have arrived but I don’t know if they’ll be on display yet. Going there with the family tomorrow. Called and left a message with the curator, but I doubt I’ll hear back. Regardless, good things ahead boys. *update* Jason, curator HOF, actually did call me back and said they’ll...
  6. Rob Noxious

    Am I crazy?

    No, you’re not. You’re gonna cash in.
  7. Rob Noxious

    Bears trade for Claypool

    It’s not just Claypool. It’s Mooney, Cold Cement, and N’keal Harry being out there, and D having to also make sure JF1 doesn’t take off. It helps us exponentially
  8. Rob Noxious

    Have you already labeled Justin Fields a bust?

    Not at all. I’m not even concerned yet. He will be great. I’m sure of it.
  9. Rob Noxious

    Guys, relax! We're still in 1st place

    If you’re not first, you’re last.
  10. Rob Noxious

    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears at Packers (The Prime Time 🐓tease In The Land 'O Cheese: My QB Got Steez Edition)

    Fuck the Packers. Bears win. Things start to unfold in GB. Another trip to the Shaman and Rodgers decides that he wants to live out his life as a woman, but still the MVP of a hair salon.
  11. Rob Noxious

    Has ANYONE heard about Browns starters this Saturday? [FTO allowed]

    Don’t worry about Fields. We have a real NFL coach now.
  12. Rob Noxious

    Mike Martz says mean things about the Bears and Justin Fields. (Non football talk OK. This may not be a safe thread)

    It might be correct but fuck Martz and his greatest show on turf.
  13. Rob Noxious

    Meanwhile, In 9ers Camp v, Week1

    Bears win 27-14
  14. Rob Noxious

    Whomst of you are acturally going to watch the game on TV tonight when they are literally only playing Feilds for like 6 snaps?

    I like to watch preseason Bears games so I can watch players make amazing plays, only to be later cut from the 53 man roster.
  15. Rob Noxious


    I can’t say shit about him, I can’t make any of those trick throws he made.
  16. Rob Noxious

    Nagy back to Chiefs

    He was under contract until 2023, he got 5 years
  17. Rob Noxious

    Nagy back to Chiefs

    Just a title, they won’t listen to him. BOOM!