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    ***OFFICIAL*** Patrick Mahomes has just made his THIRD (3rd) Super Bowl (three (3) more than Trubisky) CELEBRATION THREAD!!!🎉🎉🎉

    Ossai gets the official assist on the stat board for the win with his knuckle-head late hit. SMH Bummed because I was hoping to see some overtime!
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    [Pelissero] The Dolphins have agreed to terms with Vic Fangio highest-paid coordinator in NFL

    Good for Fangio. He deserves every cent of that contract!
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    Mel Kiper doesn't think Bears can trade out of the top pick

    You forgot Houston or Carolina signing Derek Carr in your doomsday scenario to try and rile up Bears fans.
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    David Montgomery… ‘s replacement

    That’s A LOT of scrounging through couch cushions!
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    Jurko: Brock Purdy is a better QB than Justin Fields v. ESPN1000

    I believe his point was that Kyle Shanahan's offensive innovation coupled with the offensive weapons on the 49ers team would massively benefit from a multidimensional QB (such as Fields, Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen) over Brock Purdy or more orthodox pocket QBs (like Goff, Cousins, etc.) It stands...
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    Live in DFW as well and I can confirm Boys fans are intolerable. They are so damn capacious vacillating between chest-puffing “we da best,” “America’s team” pomp to insufferably whining and excuse making. I revel in every catastrophic loss to listen to their relentless lamentations on talk radio...
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    One player that is going to be a free agent this off-season lol
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    ‘member when Justin Fields carved up the Dallas D? I do :)
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    Who do you like at the 7-9 range?

    Telekinesis or prognostication? Either way, if there's a fucking psychic DE in the draft, the Bears better run up to the podium to draft them. Then again, they might use their soothsaying abilities to dodge the calamity that is the current Bears defense. :(
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    Jurko: Brock Purdy is a better QB than Justin Fields v. ESPN1000

    Okay, I'll bite then. Who is the sleeper QB in this upcoming draft? You clearly have an eye for scouting QBs that the NFL scouts don't, so let's see how that goes when you have to prognosticate it rather than "call it" after the fact.
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    *Video* Warren introductory press conference

    To come out with something that has some sprinkles on it or has a little twist to it. duh
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    Report: Bears could trade #1 pick for 3rd #2 WR

    His wide receiver picks/trades/signings thus far do leave a lot to be desired. TBF the Bears have been horrific historically at drafting wide receivers (and likely their historic and habitual ineptitude at QB plays a role too). Wasn't Alson Jeffery (Jefferies) the last and best drafted WR by...
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    Report: Bears could trade #1 pick for 3rd #2 WR

    I mean, it says "(Rumor)" in the title so I don't see how this is click bait. The editorial conveys the author's opinion, provides the source of the rumor, and then gives some examples of the polarized public opinion. What else are you guys expecting during the Bears' offseason? It's meant to...
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    ***BREAKING*** Packers sign Erin to historical new contract.

    LOL the thread title got me! Well played. Related to the news, good to hear that the NFL is finally moving into the modern era and teams are employing qualified individuals regardless of gender or race. One can hope the progress continues.
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    NFL QBs End of Season Ranking

    And would you look who is just below him at 14.... :) Love seeing that!
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    Here's what I would do for receiver..

    What I would do for a receiver... horrendous, depraved things.
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    **OFFICAIL** Bears Offseason News & Schleisse - FTO Preferred - No ALTS! Derailing Is Discouraged!

    Do gambling accusations stick to carbon fiber? Just curious.