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  1. When did you become a believer?

    The sample size option's wording made every other option not as good
  2. It's LIONS WEEK where is Inc0gneat0?

    Tua has been benched for Fields for me and I'm getting great results
  3. ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears at Patriots (The Hours From The Morrow Continued Sorrows In Foxborough Edition)

    Getsy calling a great game so far. Feels like the next evolution of his play calling. Execution also coming through for the most part.
  4. ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Pumpkin Heads vs Commanders (The B-List Late Show Tryst: Decked 'N Sunkist Edition)

    Out of the million things we can all critique I don't understand why the returner on this team isn't allowed to catch and it's back there to watch the ball roll towards their own end zone for an extra 10+yards on every punt. This team feels broken as hell.
  5. ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Pumpkin Heads vs Commanders (The B-List Late Show Tryst: Decked 'N Sunkist Edition)

    Are the Bears the only team that can't score from there? My goodness
  6. ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Vikings (The Itty Bitty Passing Committee Does The Twin Cities Edition)

    No words for that play or only curse words. What the hell is going on.
  7. ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs Texans (Honeymoon is OVER: Got no LOVIE dovie FEELS Edition)

    That was one of the weakest things I've seen not even trying with 3 TO. GTFO
  8. ***Week 1 JERSEY GIVEAWAY***

    364 yards 39 points
  9. Anthony Miller

    Besides the pass that was slightly overthrown by 6 inches which could have sealed a win, this guy's butter fingers is costing the team way more than the heroics of earlier games. Even in those games he had some bad drops and at the end of the day it's getting really old that those drops with his...
  10. No Chance Against Saints

    Would be nice if he became spiteful with all the criticism again and went back to running the I-formation as a big FU. That way there is a chance of winning tomorrow and then he can go back to running his futuristic offense when they play the Titans.
  11. *** Week 8 GIVEAWAY***

    288 224