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  1. tgmxd

    What WR 1 do you want in 2023 on the Bears?

    DJ Moore would be great if we could get him in trade down for the #1 pick with the Panthers. If I'm Poles, I also call about Garrett Wilson or Olave to see if those teams would want to trade to #1.
  2. tgmxd

    Brad Biggs: Fields hasn't played well enough; has not arrived as a passing QB

    No people have been saying Fields should be showing more in the passing game with even less out there these last four games which is silly. He may or may not be the guy but the idea the blame is somehow on Fields and his fault is the part that’s laughable. He’s doing everything he can. At...
  3. tgmxd

    Brad Biggs: Fields hasn't played well enough; has not arrived as a passing QB

    The reality is there is only so much a young QB can grow with a supporting cast this bad. There’s a reason Fields was still making progress as a passer every week until this entire offense went from mediocre back to complete trash with no Mooney and major injuries to the offensive line. The...
  4. tgmxd

    Bears ready to move on from fields?

    I think the Bears are gonna be pushing this narrative hard all offseason to up there leverage for a potential trade down
  5. tgmxd

    trade back with NAWLINS MOCK for a BUNCH OF PICKS

    Especially if we ask for Olave That would be a huge, huge move for us
  6. tgmxd

    Bears trade for Claypool

    Great point. I think the Bears are also counting on the real chance of one of them turning into a true #1 receiver since they’re both so talented & young Not to mention great fits together stylistically.
  7. tgmxd

    Poles Grade so far???

    Easily an F right now
  8. tgmxd

    WR's the Bears could trade for

    Denzel Mims might be our best dice roll
  9. tgmxd

    Smarter people than us talking about Justin Fields

    Agreed. The idea any young QB can just come in and play at that level in the NFL absurd. Young Aaron Rodgers needed a few years even though he had a stacked roster on offense from Day 1 to develop with. We’ve seen 2 of the most widely regarded QB prospects coming out lately in Luck and...
  10. tgmxd

    Who do you want to see claimed from waivers?

    I'm still very interested in OJ Howard. He's had some very bad years but he's also had some solid ones Fields and Getsy may be able to unlock more consistency out of him as the #2 tight tend behind Kmet
  11. tgmxd

    Bruce Arians big compliment to Justin Fields

    You know Arians loves the way Fields is a big game hunter. Maybe someday we can lure him out of retirement...
  12. tgmxd

    **Official** Training Camp News & Scheisse [Football Talk Only]

    PFF having Fields at 81.9 so far is definitely a positive even through limited snaps Can’t remember the last time I was this ready for it to be September
  13. tgmxd

    **Official** Training Camp News & Scheisse [Football Talk Only]

    Maybe we could get Tyler Lockett and/or somebody from there OL
  14. tgmxd

    Velus Jones Jr

    I like this guy a lot. Just wish we’d have rolled the dice earlier on a prospect in the early 2nd with a better chance to hit on right away. I do actually like the strategy of going with pure burners at WR to take advantage of Fields’s crazy accurate deep ball.
  15. tgmxd

    Poles broke it off in Fields ass..

    Here's the issue: they can ruin Fields. They almost did last year. They're on the cusp of actually pulling it off this year We've seen this movie over and over again and they are basically following the How to Ruin a QB playbook at this point. The rest of the team can be fixed later. We're not...
  16. tgmxd

    Poles broke it off in Fields ass..

    Bears were seriously flirting with ruining Fields last season. Who would have thought one year later they’d somehow end up dangerously closer…
  17. tgmxd

    2017 re-draft

    At least with all this Watson drama we only have to be pissed about passing on one of these guys now
  18. tgmxd

    Fields Year two expectations #calledit thread

    This is about what i’m expecting honestly. No new scheme can carry an entire offense with this little talent. Because of that, Fields is going to be trying to do too much on every play again just like last year. It’s not his fault this team still has no idea what it’s doing
  19. tgmxd

    Eddie Jackson has "Clean Slate" according to Eberflus

    It was absolutely the right move at the time picking Jackson over Amos it just didn’t work out. In todays NFL you have to pick the guy who at the time was a young, ascensinding playmaker coming off a truly elite season at FS over an above average box safety. It also didn’t help changing the...
  20. tgmxd

    What Has to Happen, Pessimists?

    Fields turning out to be a truly generational, not breakable guy at QB (extremely rare and unlikely based on how things around him did affect him last year) is one way. The only other way around this at this point is us getting crazy lucky with these extremely limited upside swings. Or an...