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  1. KennyH

    *OFFICIAL* Offseason Rumors, Signings, and Shenanigans

    Packers agree London game Good they lose a home game - and nice for UK Bears fans to be able to adopt a team for the day to root against them at Tottenham I make the assumption that they will play an out of division opponent
  2. KennyH

    This is the Official superbowl Halve time show thread

    It's not, and it won't even be close to the most televised sports event this year by a long way Maybe the most televised half time show??
  3. KennyH


    That would be three Oct 9th to Nov 25th would be one (sorry, WOULD BE ONE)
  4. KennyH

    *OFFICAIL* Press Conference Thread 1/31

    The thanking god thing also does my head in but it seems to be far more of the norm now across a lot of the US, particularly in sports and politics. So I guess it's just a little rote, rather than thinking there was some form of divine intervention in getting a job in sports?? But these press...
  5. KennyH

    Colts fans lukewarm towards Eberflus

    Basically no one knows how successful he will be as a Head Coach - the role he's actually going to be doing in Chicago. Fangio was a great DC, was he a good HC, I guess not so much? HC is more about temperament, man management, overall team ethos and ability to handle a lot of conflicting...
  6. KennyH

    Matt Eberflus - "For The Record" Registry

    Pretty much this - and I think (hope, from what I have read) that Poles will draft quite well Really interested now to see who comes in to the key coaching roles
  7. KennyH


    Do the Bears have to give any comp to KC for the hire? I assumed as he wasn't a coach or GM that there wouldn't need to be anything provided in return - but no idea of the rules?
  8. KennyH

    Important question

    Men's FOCO Chicago Bears Plush Sneaker Slippers Only the best for the boss!!
  9. KennyH


    Soft coverage with 13 seconds against Mahomes - what could go wrong!! Bears no doubt hire Frazier tomorrow!
  10. KennyH

    Is ownership really that bad?

    The biggest difference with ownership and fanbase is that ownership have to live with their decisions, while the fanbase (and I would include the media in that) can quickly forget what their decisions were at the time and then create a revisionist history based on what has since happened. The...
  11. KennyH

    Nagy Era Leaks

    Mitch didn't play in London, so that first quote seems odd. Was also the game Hicks left with an injury - which was quite impactful (rather than Mack not playing well) and of course the team got stung on Special Teams with a fake punt, that really turned the game. I can absolutely imagine the...
  12. KennyH

    The Olin Kreutz Situation

    And to add to it all, unless I'm misreading Olin's comments, he is now saying "If that man woulda said that to my face, we woulda had a problem" which to me sounds like a threat of violence. Classy guy
  13. KennyH

    I hate Matt Nagy, so very much

    Will be interesting to see if he has any credibility left and be able to snag an OC role. His press conference was full of statements that don't hold up under even minimal scrutiny - other teams must see that, and no one wants a coach that can't take any responsibility for poor decision making...
  14. KennyH

    Football Aftershow live

    Well you missed Nagy saying he doesn't look at it as what's gone wrong, but what's gone right. How he has Built a youthful foundation and is proud of what he and Ryan has achieved. According to Nags, we are on the cusp of going to the 'big dance' It was real estate bs 101 from start to finish...
  15. KennyH

    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Vikings (Matt Nagy's Last Stand (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Waited to Watch Them Fire The Bum) Edition)

    I should be unhappy - but love the fact that Nagy has Naggied it to such an extent that he not only removed any lingering doubt he's gone but he's probably hopefully dragged Pace down with him!!
  16. KennyH

    At What Point Are You Done With The Bears?

    Is switching a team a thing in the US, especially based on them not winning for a bit??? Certainly in Europe, you are generally born into supporting a club, and you die supporting the same one - how seriously you take the highs and lows is up to you, but I've never really entertained the...
  17. KennyH

    O.K., Capologists: Here are the numbers. What are your thoughts?

    Ever so slightly off topic - but if Dalton is leaving but Foles is staying, or the team are trying to trade him, why is Dalton starting and not Foles - who you would surely want to give reps or showcase?? Makes no sense
  18. KennyH

    Will you rip your phallus off if Nagy hasn't been fired by lunchtime tomorrow?

    The wording of that suggests he's been told he has two more games and then he's out, otherwise he would say something along the lines of 'he hasn't had any discussion about his future and will wait until the off season to meet with managment'
  19. KennyH

    Will you rip your phallus off if Nagy hasn't been fired by lunchtime tomorrow?

    Any coach interested in coming to the Bears will happily wait a few weeks - everyone knows the coaching role in Chicago is open, the question that is more pertinent is the GM role and above - that's where it would be good to see some movement or at worst, clarity, on who will be there in 2022 I...
  20. KennyH

    OT: NFL announces international marketing areas and team markets

    To an extent, that's true - though it's more around who were popular when the NFL started to be shown on Sunday evenings on Channel 4 in the UK. Before that, it was just a small band of hard core fans listening on the US Armed Forces Network. So, in the mid 80's you had the Bears, Dolphins...