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  1. Joker85

    *OFFICIAL* Offseason Rumors, Signings, and Shenanigans

    He quit on the field multiple times. Rewarding him by bringing him back would undermine any culture changes the new regime tries to instill.
  2. Joker85

    Matt Eberflus hired as Bears head coach

    Hope its not Arians 2.0 where the veteran coach desperately wants the job but the big brain bears brush him off for a literal who and he goes onto be a stud somewhere else. I guess we'll see.
  3. Joker85

    Matt Eberflus hired as Bears head coach

    The Bears have shown they don't deserve the benefit of the doubt. So all we can really do is wait, watch, and hope for the best. I have no idea how these hires will turn out, never heard of either of them until the last 2 weeks. I have no confidence in the Bears brain trust to get it right, but...
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    Bills coaching staff is really really bad. They were not ready for prime time and it showed. How do you not squib it? How do you play soft ass prevent that gives them exactly what they want which are quick uncontested pitch and catch chunks and then use their timeouts? The end of that game...
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    Reminds me of when Atl fucked us way back when with like 18 seconds left. Feel bad for the Bills. But they brought it on themselves, why even kick off for a touchback when you could burn another 3-5 seconds?
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    He's a champion, but he's also not a winner. In fact, he's a loser. Having stacked teams and stacked refs for a decade and a half and walking away with a single solitary ring is kind of sad. Nick Foles gets hot for a few games and falls ass backward into one, it happens. A "top 5 ever talent"...
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    30 years of HOF QB. 30 years of being the most pampered officiated team in the league. 2 rings. No dynasties. Always looked at with regret and disappointment. Law of averages dictates decades of futility and misery chasing past glories awaits. Cast out into the cold QBless world that we knew...
  8. Joker85

    Supposedly the recent Fields trade rumors came from Flores

    No matter how bad the Bears embarrass themselves year after year, decade after decade, I'm here, hoping for next year, but if the Bears traded JF to sign some turd coach that just flamed out in Miami I would be done with this team for good.
  9. Joker85

    Nagy Era Leaks

    The most important things this confirms are that: A. He was indeed well on the path to ruining Fields, incapable of actually developing him, and would have soon turned on him as the latest excuse for his failing career. Whatever we thought we saw from the outside, it was actually worse. B. The...
  10. Joker85

    Sunshine, Rainbows, and Diversity Hires.

    Diversity hires picking more diversity hires. Look out league, here we come!
  11. Joker85

    Score reporting Thursday will be Nagys last game

    Nagy is not a bad guy, he's just not a good coach. I'm glad they are giving the dignity of a heads up rather than just locking him out of his office one day.
  12. Joker85

    Packers-KC game today

    If fields had been sitting behind a HOFer for ages and came out looking like a potato, he'd be rightfully getting crushed.
  13. Joker85

    Packers-KC game today

    Funny how the flower looks like nagy and love looks like hutchinzelquinn. The difference between being a laughing stock team ala the Bears and a "qUaLiTy fRaNcHiSe" is whether you lucked into a qb or not. Top 5 qb and everyone looks like a genius. Without it everyone looks like bums, and you...
  14. Joker85

    Fields has high upside

    He just doesn't look comfortable at all in the pocket or outside of it running. He's tentative, and doesn't trust what he sees. As a result he's too slow to make decisions, when he pulls the trigger on a throw it's a step late, and when he decides to run he's a step slower because he took off so...
  15. Joker85

    Nagy Presser - Monday, Sept. 27th

    "I gotta do a better job coaching them about how important 3rd and 1 is so they don't fuck up again" This passive aggressive turd is a master at deflection while making it seem like he's taking responsibility.
  16. Joker85

    Matt Nagy can't learn, says he didn't roll Fields out more because that's what the Browns were expecting

    "We can't try to run the ball today, they expect us to do that! We can't try to throw it either, surely they'll expect that. I'm leary on punting. Punts happen every game, they GOTTA know we may end up doing that. All that leaves is to line up for a fake FG every play. SUPERBOWL" -The Genius
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    Games like this make the case for a change at head coach.

    That take is pretty silly. There are tons upon tons of people in the corporate world (and every other job for that matter) that are terrible at their actual job but brilliant at kissing ass, deflecting blame, and failing upward. One doesn't have anything to do with the other.
  18. Joker85

    Justin Fields' first throw for the #Bears was the exact same play Andy Dalton had on the previous play: a pre-snap RPO

    At this point he's tied to the GM. And the GM is tied to the Pres. And the Pres is died to the 100 year old owner who probably doesn't want to blow up the brain trust and hope they are good in 3-4 years. And that's what it would take, because each rung is responsible for the ineptitude beneath...
  19. Joker85

    Your Prediction for the Season………if you dare.

    All depends on how JF plays when he inevitably gets his shot. If he is the real deal in spite of Nagy it could provide a spark to the team and they can go on a late season run. If he gets smothered by Nagy's tardball the season is going to be very ugly, 4-6 wins type ugly. He is literally our...
  20. Joker85

    Arlington ish going to happen, probably an ownership stake too

    Or people who want to raise a family in peace and quiet without having to worry about being stabbed to death in broad daylight by a bum or carjacked by a 25 year old "youth" who just got released off his 8th gun charge in the name of restorative justice.