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  1. Bears trade for BUCKNER?

    I would be okay with any of the following TE's in rd.2, especially if we get an extra 2nd from a trade down. Mayer(doubt he falls to 2nd rd.), Washington, Kincaid, Musgrave, LaPorta.
  2. Bears trade for BUCKNER?

    Not all weapons in the passing game have to be wr's. When you consider that the organizations poles and Williams came from have had strong TE receiving threats in recent years, adding a potent running mate to pair with Kmet at TE makes sense.
  3. Opinions on this mock I did on 1/19/23 using PFN's simulator

    Colts and Bears trade... Bears trade Pick 1 for: Pick 4 Pick 35 Pick 79 2024 IND 1st 2024 IND 2nd Bears trade Pick #4 to Seattle for #5 and #52 Bears trade pick#5 to Carolina for #9 and #60 1st rd.#9 DE Myles Murphy Clemson 2nd #35 OT Anton Harrison Oklahoma 2nd #52 WR Jalin...
  4. Bears needs for next season and what are realistic expectations?

    "Getting a true #1 receiver is the most important position to fill, because it's the position that is most likely to have the largest impact on the quarterback." Matters more in the regular season than the playoffs. Since 1999/00 the Rams have been to 4 Super Bowls and are 2-2. They have...
  5. Bears needs for next season and what are realistic expectations?

    If you have a strong all-around team, you can get to and possibly win a Super Bowl with 'meh' wr's. See 2017/18 Eagles, Cam Newton's Panthers team that lost to Denver, most of the NY Giants SB teams.
  6. My latest mock 12/29/22
  7. Let's say Bears trade down with Colts to #6. One of the big 3 qb's* is on the board and the Saints call Poles...

    *Young,Stroud or Levis is on the at #6 in round 1. The Bears have acquired from Colts this years #1(#6), 2nd(#37) and 2nd and 3rd round picks next year. Okay, so Poles gets a call from Mickey Loomis of the Saints offering this year's 2nd(#40), WR Michael Thomas TE/QB Taysom Hill and 1st round...
  8. Rainy Friday afternoon at work Mock Draft simulation I just did. (12/16/22)
  9. 2023 Bears mock draft(with trades) I did using Profootballnetwork's Draft simulator. Bears trade pick 2 to Seattle for Pick 3 Pick 20 Pick 35 Pick 53 Bears trade pick #3 to Carolina for: Pick 6 Pick 39 2024 CAR 1st 2024 CAR 3rd 1ST round#6 Will Anderson DE Georgia 1st round#20 Jackson Smith-Ngiba Ohio St 2nd rd.#35C John...
  10. Why not try Ebner out at CB in the offseason?

    If he turned out to be another Jerry Azumah, that'd be cool. He played some cb in high school.. ' All-purpose back played receiver, quarterback, linebacker and defensive back at Henderson ... "
  11. The curious case of Velus Jones Jr

    Here's a thought. What if the other wr's actually AREN'T that bad?
  12. Why aren't our rb's used more as receivers?

    I don't understand why, between Monty, Herbert, Ebner and Blasingame, they can't combine for anywhere from 8-12 receptions a game- at the minimum. Is that too much to ask for?
  13. David Montgomery

    I wish the NFL was more like the NBA and we could get more player for player deals other than qb. I'd want back a young starting caliber LB/DE/WE or TE. Eff the draft pick.
  14. Not getting an elite WR in the offseason is killing the Bears

    How many Super Bowls have the Vikings and Cowboys made in the last 20 years with elite WR's. It's all relative to each team.
  15. Fresh Content: Roquan Mic'd Up v. He's Cumin all day!

    Cumin all day as opposed to Paprika all day. Cool.
  16. ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs 49ers (JUICED 2 introDUCE DA eberFLUS Edition)

    Strange when this happens to defenses who have to practice against a mobile qb.
  17. Bears claim 6

    He also can return punts. While we have guys that can do that in VJ and Pettis, it can give them a break. We haven't had db's that were good kick returners since when, the Lovie era?
  18. Roster cuts (including cuts across the league)

    I am so tired of hearing about our wr position. Not many guys on the market now are clear upgrades to what we have.