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  1. sevvy

    Tom Brady Retires

    He says, as he gargles Aaron Rodgers cum. Hahaha Bears fans. Amirite?
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    Just never throwing the ball while Philly plays the run and nothing but, is pretty high-level stupid. Why concede the NFC Championship game? Shanahan is a great coach..................................... until it really matters.
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    Jurko: Brock Purdy is a better QB than Justin Fields v. ESPN1000

    Here we go again with the smallest sample size possible PROVING that the problem is Fields. The OL was fixed with one game with Siemian. The pass catchers are BALLERS with 2 games without Fields. Forget the fact that the offense has to be run completely differently when Fields isn't playing...
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    If Bears take Carter at #1….

    If we stay at the #1 pick, I'm going to assume it was because we weren't offered enough value to move out of #1, or we were sold on Carter or Anderson being a generational talent. I would prefer to move back and accumulate more picks, even at the cost of losing out on Anderson or...
  5. sevvy

    Mel Kiper doesn't think Bears can trade out of the top pick

    I think Anderson is the best player in the draft. If we don't move and draft him, I'm fine with it. The issue is that we need a volume of picks to replenish talent on this team. The rebuild will take longer if we don't get more draft picks.
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    Packers fans are the most ridiculous football fans. They are literally the fattest, ugliest pieces of inbred shit you'll ever see, and yet they talk down to everyone because they think their fool's gold football team is a millimeter away from starting a dynasty every year. Lol. Go get some...
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    MDB is moving there STAT.
  9. sevvy

    Jurko: Brock Purdy is a better QB than Justin Fields v. ESPN1000

    Don't forget Cole Kmet's production this season.
  10. sevvy

    Poles in win win spot w QB

    Some of you are so stupid, man. The dude was literally a superhero on several occasions for entire games, and motherfuckers think this. Go get your motherfucking head checked.
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    Will a pass rush fix our backfield or do we need to add better players?

    The Bears need an entirely new defensive line. 4 new starters.
  12. sevvy

    Mike McGlinchey really improved this season

    I'm not sure the LT of the future is currently on our roster. Wouldn't mind seeing us spending big on LT and moving Braxton Jones to RT.
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    Luke Little WR

    I had a thought. I better start a thread.
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    [Rosenthal] Defensive line rankings in Free Agency

    It's a gold mine compared to the 2022 Bears roster, though. :ROFLMAO:
  15. sevvy

    Did the Bears Make a Mistake Hiring Eberflus?

    Reserving judgement until the Bears have more talent than a junior college intramural flag football team.
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    Peyton and Fangio

    Based on what? Got a link? Or was this just one of your thoughts while you sat on the throne and you just had to let us all know?
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    Some of you motherfuckers are a mess. This shit has nothing to do with the QB of the Bears. Jesus.