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  1. Best AR meltdown gifs, pics, and memes

    Anti-vaxxer, drug addict.
  2. OT: OG Nelson signs extension

    I think it's a little bit of a smokescreen and he really just wants to build through the draft. But if he doesn't act like he's trying to buy more wins now a lot of fans may get mad at him. I for one prefer he builds this team through the draft and then buys the final pieces.
  3. Teddy Retiring Discuss

    A dream come true..
  4. Does ESPN hate the Bears?

    Yes and Orlovsky is just always trash.
  5. BREAKING NEWS: Roquan Smith Wants OUT!

    He's been rumored to be a head case and to not keep his weight down. Had a bad feeling this new regime wasn't going to work out with him. Oh well, let's hope that doesn't scare teams away from offering us something good for him. They guy can play ball that's for sure.
  6. *** Official The absence of news, leaks, angst, or rumor err, Roquan Smith trade request thread***

    Probably because he doesn't have an agent to leak a story from.
  7. Tev wants to stay in Chicago because of the things to do

    To be fair to the kid.. if you have ever had a back injury keeping you from participating in a sport you love it's depressing. This may be one reason why Poles got rid of Soup. He was failing to help players like Tevin who need mental health help. Any injury is depressing but back injuries make...
  8. Getsy has Tev’s back

    I wonder if he's overweight and the new staff won't let him play until he's down to their number.
  9. OT: Arch Manning going to Texas

    Hoping we get him if Fields doesn't pan out.
  10. This draft proves that Poles is

    He's my favorite troll. Never forget BOB though. Never forget Beef Block.
  11. Pick 148 good option to trade down

    We are transitioning from a 3-4 to a 4-3. We need a lot of bodies that fit the scheme.
  12. God, what a bunch of menstruating drama queens... Bears got BETTER.

    I know a lot of people are just trolling, but the rest of the complainers are so short sighted. It's like they want Poles to make the same mistakes as all of our past GMs. Overpay for needs and compromise the future. We aren't in a win now situation... It doesn't matter what positions we...