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  1. Dick Jauron

    Bears ready to move on from fields?

    I think they are. They call him out on stuff when he deserves it. They also praise him when he deserves it. They seem like straight shooters. Brutal and honest. Fields seems to have a great relationship with Getsy and Janocko. I don't think Poles is dumb enough to pull the trigger on a...
  2. Dick Jauron

    Bears ready to move on from fields?

    The overreaction is crazy sometimes. He doesn't have any fucking WRs that can separate from the defenders. He doesn't have an OL who can buy him time. When he DOES have time, he can make plays with his arm, as indicated by the hot run he had mid-season and making Kmet look great. Just give...
  3. Dick Jauron

    DeAndre Hopkins

    I'd offer a 4th. I'd still draft a WR in Round 1 or 2. Draft Pick Mooney Claypool Hopkins Now, that's a WR room I can get behind!
  4. Dick Jauron

    Worst GM and worst HC in the league

    Yeah, I am not sure what people here expected him to do with zero draft capital and cap hell last off-season????? Hence why this upcoming off-season is where I *begin* my evaluation of Poles.
  5. Dick Jauron

    Let's address the elephant in the room: The lack of air yards

    Pretty spot on for the most part. Like you said, an 80 yard drive with a 67 yard rush will only leave 13 yards for pass/rush on other plays. With that being said, it is no concern to me whatsoever. A first down is a first down. Outside of Kmet, Mooney, Claypool, mixed with spotty OL, the...
  6. Dick Jauron

    Is Fields improving/growing.

    This pretty much says it all.
  7. Dick Jauron

    POLL: Are you upset we traded Roquan away?

    Just getting a pulse of CCS since there's like, 30 pages about Roquan and I have no time to read half of the stuff, let alone 2 pages.
  8. Dick Jauron

    With Ro and Quinn gone, is Justin the unquestioned leader of this team?

    I would say it has to be Eddie Jackson at this point. But Justin is definitely the face of the franchise and he's starting to act like it. Special times ahead.
  9. Dick Jauron

    Bears trade for Claypool

    Thank you and you're welcome. I do the best I can with the limited time that I have.
  10. Dick Jauron

    Bears trade for Claypool

    It'll be fine, guys. WR room next year: Claypool Mooney Drafted player (1-3 round) Harry (there IS a chance he could continue to progress and reach his potential - give him the rest of the year) Velus (gadget player, like Patterson?) With those guys, that might FINALLY open up Kmet. Not to...
  11. Dick Jauron

    Relax, guys...

    Like I said... good things are coming.
  12. Dick Jauron

    Relax, guys...

    Great article. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Dick Jauron

    Relax, guys...

  14. Dick Jauron

    Relax, guys...

    I think we have seen progress from Justin Fields from Game 1 to now. Every little bit helps. But his progress isn't fast enough for some of you. I understand being impatient. But keep in mind that outside of Mooney, he has no help. Just look at Aaron Rodgers this season.
  15. Dick Jauron

    Relax, guys...

    I don't think he managed anything "badly". His options were severely limited. He couldn't make a splash. He hardly had any picks and the fact he managed to turn 4 or 5 into 12 or whatever is a win, especially if a couple turn out to be good players. I think the REAL judgment on Poles...
  16. Dick Jauron

    Relax, guys...

    I've been quiet on here because of all the negativity here on CSS. The negativity isn't anything new, though. What drives me nuts is that we KNEW this would be a bad team. We KNEW there would be growing pains here and there. We KNEW we have shitty talent around Justin Fields. We KNEW we...
  17. Dick Jauron

    If we could redo the 2021 draft, are you still taking Fields?

    I'll still take Justin. We don't know yet what we have with him. You guys are overreacting to a small sample. The guy hasn't even started a full season yet. Last year shouldn't even count because Nagy was too stupid to not give him any first team reps in camp. This year's roster is worse...
  18. Dick Jauron

    Was Fields robbed?

    Not robbed. Needed undisputable evidence. Be nice if NFL had chips in the ball to help determine if it crossed the plane or not. Personally I think he got it in with the tip but we will never know. I'm pretty sure a tape geek will find it today or tomorrow.
  19. Dick Jauron

    Trubisky vs Fields

    Apples and oranges.