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  1. Question for the Cutler haters

    I'm obviously a Cutler fan but I just wanna know, when did you start disliking him? Did you not like the trade to being with? Was it after he threw 26 Ints in 09? Was it after his "fake injury" in the NFCC? Just curious.
  2. They need to have a Direct TV commercial with Jay

    Hi, I'm Jay Cutler, and I have direct TV. And I'm Smoking Jay Cutler *cough* and I have cable. This needs to happen.
  3. Going to my first Bears game

    Idc if we win or lose, I'm excited! Bear Down!
  4. Dont worry guys, they came prepared this week

    They brought lube this time
  5. Prepare you anus

    Patriots are going in without lube
  6. who replaces Tucker if he gets fired?

    Lets say the defense doesn't play well through midseason (I hope I eat crow), he gets fired. Who steps up as DC?
  7. what's going on?

    Fox Chicago is fucking up and I cant see the game
  8. Biggest surprise on defense this year?

    With all the competitions on defense for LB and Safety, who do you think will surprise you the most this year? Im going to go on a limb here and say Bostic and Mundy.