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    So many and various holes but what if Poles still drafts with only "BPA" as the strategy and literally drafts only highest rated selections irregardl

    Poles has already come out and stated for him to even consider a QB he would have to be blown away. It is plausible that a QB is the highest rated player on Poles' board. I would not condone moving on from Justincredible Fields, but, I am certain if a QB is taken By Chicago at 1 there would be a...
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    So many and various holes but what if Poles still drafts with only "BPA" as the strategy and literally drafts only highest rated selections irregardl

    1st round picks should always be BPA.. REGARDLESS as to what you currently have on the depth chart. Competition breeds success. You fill holes with Free Agency and Draft your stars in the early rounds of your draft and grab depth in the later rounds. This system has proved fruitful time and time...
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    **OFFICAIL** Bears Offseason News & Schleisse - FTO Preferred - No ALTS! Derailing Is Discouraged!

    Literally to whomst?? Only a handful of teams that have the available cap space and even fewer with that cap space have the need. Personally I would stay as far away from Kaaron as much as possible. He ain't about the team.. He's only in it for him. Not a very good team player at all.
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    Bort you are a madman!! I love the creativity. Im imagining all the possibilities with all dem 1st round picks next year. That '29 payroll would be insane, but, if it gets us to the '28 Superbowl. Id imagine it'd have to be worth it.
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    The Way Too Early 2023 Season (Pre FA & Draft) Prediction Thread

    Nowhere to go but up from where we are currenly at. I would love to see a sneak into the playoffs via a Wildcard bid, however I think we will fall just short of that with only getting 7 wins. Bears
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    Official "Thank you, Lovie" Thread.

    I love Lovie.. Always have and Always Will Anderson DE/Bama. Than Que Lovie!! Dial me up next time your in town I will take you out to Ditkas and buy you a steak dinner.
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    Trade Down Frenzy

    Try this one on for size pbx.. Trade: #1 overall to Texans for #2 overall, '23 2nd Round Pick and '24 1st rounder. Houston felt the need to sprinkle on the extra 1st in '24 to keep Indianapolis from jumping up from #4 to get there guy. Houston Selects Bryce Young QB/Bama Trade: #2 overall to...
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    With the First overall pick the Chicago Bears...(First pick discussion only)

    BPA All Day long.. No matter What. End of Story. Free Agency is going to see our Bears band aiding a lot of our most troubled areas. Sadly this one offseason will not be a cure all offseason we will need to go into the next season with some of the minor issues we saw during this season...
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    Trade Down Frenzy

    Rediculous trade down Scenarios?!?!? We're here for them. :popcorn2:
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    **OFFICAIL** Regular Season News & Scheisse - FTO : THREAD DERAILING PROHIBITED***

    Fashanu would be a great pickup for our Oline, but, I really like Jones at LT. He has come a long ways since being a 5th round pick. I say leave him at LT and make upgrades at RT and Center positions this offseason and LG next offseason. Our oline should be top 5 in 2024.
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    **OFFICAIL** Regular Season News & Scheisse - FTO : THREAD DERAILING PROHIBITED***

    Hate to be that guy.. understood I may get disliked for this ,but, it has to be said. Hopefully You guys will see the value in my post and won't hate me for it. anyways.. Where is the 🏈🏈🏈-official-🏈🏈🏈-nfl-week-5-around-the-league-igt-🔥🔥🔥-football Thread? Having the above thread may keep this...
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    248 yards passing; 60 yards Rushing: 308 yards Total. 2 TD's 6 Stoic Black Santa Shots Prize Giveaway Win or Lose I am always down for a Thankbang
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    Week 3 Giveaway

    59.6 DBR against Kindle 42 yards
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    Bears T shirt give away!

    305 yds passing, 60 yds rushing. I truly believe the Bears Off. will find its footing this week against the Texans.
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    What games correlate to the colors refenced? Cause I just see maps but, have no idea what games are being played where. Thanks in advance.
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    118 yards 24 points
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    ***Week 1 JERSEY GIVEAWAY***

    435 yards 34 points
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    ***2021 NFL Draft IGT*** - Day 3

    I like Paddy Fisher with pick #228. :crossing my Fingers:
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    2014 Bears Compensatory Selection

    I understand that there is a very complicated formula that the NFL follows to award x teams comp picks for each draft. The theory I have depicted below is simplified. With the offseason the Bears have had up to this point(FA). IMHO The Bears stand to gain a 6th or 7th round compensatory...
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    ESPN's Power Ranking for week 2

    ESPN has us in at #8 rising 1 spot(#9) where we started before the season began. Eat your Heart out PFT!!