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  1. gilder121

    [PFFMock] The full teardown/The All 22 in 2024.

    Ended up with ~12 first round picks in 2024, ~10 second round picks in 2024, and probably 30 2024 picks in total. Perfect to turn over all 22 starters with R1-2 talent in 2024. I wish I would have taken a picture prior to the draft finishing. Plus you probably get the #1 pick and can do a...
  2. gilder121

    Spice Adams pranks Charles Tillman

    Just some mildly entertaining offseason content. Peanut and Spice will never not be good together.
  3. gilder121

    Ex-Bears that I saw playing for other teams this weekend I have no idea how many got snaps
  4. gilder121

    So we traded the #33 pick for Claypool?

    Live in the damn moment a little. Bears just secured the #1 pick and we're finding stuff to complain about?
  5. gilder121

    Michael Mayer Notre Dame

    Initial scouting report "Mayer has great size for the tight end position. He showcases strong hands and an ability to get upfield quickly after the catch. The Kentucky native is not going to test off the charts physically, but there is zero wasted motion in his game. Mayer is a bear to bring...
  6. gilder121

    How Far Are You Willing to Trade Down?

    So much depends on how FA goes, but if Bears can get two of WR, C, T in FA, I would be willing to band aid up to two of the three defensive line positions of major need with prove it players and trade to the 8-14 area if it allowed the Bears to get more picks next year. I've always thought...
  7. gilder121

    HUB ARKUSH DISHES ON FIELDS: 670 The Score 1/3/23

    Hub segment starts 11:03:30 Hub starts talking about Fields 11:11:45 Hub starts talking about drafting someone else and making Fields a RB/super tool guy 11:14:35 Credit to Leiser for holding it together. I heard it live and thought I heard him snicker a bit when Hub said that, but didn't...
  8. gilder121

    Jay Cutler & Kristin Cavallari get a reality show together

    Someone on here was doxxed with their own mugshot a couple of years back. They still post here under a different name iirc.
  9. gilder121

    Is Justin Fields already the greatest QB in Bears history?

    BRB, need to go grind some more Sid Luckman tape before I give my final answer.
  10. gilder121

    **BREAKING NEWS** NFL Announces deal to make YouTube provider of NFL Sunday Ticket

    Not sure if true, but I saw something about Apple maybe having the highest bid, but they wanted to charge a low price for Sunday Ticket to get people to move to use Apple TV and NFL said no because it might step on the toes of the major broadcast partners(even if the games would be different...
  11. gilder121

    **BREAKING NEWS** NFL Announces deal to make YouTube provider of NFL Sunday Ticket

    If you're out of market, I have to assume you would need this and Prime for at least one month right now. I'm pretty sure this doesn't carry the Thursday games and if you're out of market, you don't get a local broadcast.
  12. gilder121

    If you like measurables

    Big and tall and slow and weak.
  13. gilder121

    Velus Jones

    Coming from you, that's saying something. You clearly know your toast.
  14. gilder121

    ***OFFICAIL*** NFL Week 15: Around The League IGT

    24 -9 Denver with 9 minutes left. Bears looking good to get back into the #2 pick.
  15. gilder121

    Happy NFL Saturday IGT 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

    Bad or not, this is fun.
  16. gilder121

    Hub had a serious medical emergency mid August

    Hub will be on 670 the Score today (Friday) at 5 pm. He will also be on his Pro Football Weekly show at 5:30 on NBC Sports Chicago. Also he thinks Justin Fields needs to develop as a passer...
  17. gilder121

    OT: Chicago Sports Radio

    I used to really enjoy Mully. Now he's like nails on a chalkboard to me. Haugh is probably fine, but being paired with Mully makes me not want to listen. Bernstein and Holmes I like a lot better than I thought I would. I do wish they had Who ya crappin, but overall, I think the show is good and...
  18. gilder121

    OT: Chicago Sports Radio

    I listen to specific guests/topics through podcasts. No need to waste time listening to something I don't care about. When I do that, I generally like it. Caller segments are the absolute worst though. 90% of it is either: - I agree with what you said - Guy doing a bit by making a stupid voice...
  19. gilder121

    Marcus Davenport

    18th edge. 19% win rate. Trevis is 11.7%. Al-Quadin is 7.1%. Robinson is 6.5%. I know you know this as I've seen you dive deeper on some of these somewhat subjective stats before, but for everyone else, this type of stat can really change depending on who is doing the analysis. For instance...