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  1. MidwestMonster2

    Bears trade for Claypool

    The fact that GB didn't get Claypool for Kaaron is worth the 2nd itself.
  2. MidwestMonster2

    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears at Patriots (The Hours From The Morrow Continued Sorrows In Foxborough Edition)

    Holy shit does anyone have a link to NOT the Manning podcast? Vince Vaughn should not be repping Bears on any broadcast.
  3. MidwestMonster2

    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs 49ers (JUICED 2 introDUCE DA eberFLUS Edition)

    Why is Jenkins out again? They going to switch every series?
  4. MidwestMonster2

    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs 49ers (JUICED 2 introDUCE DA eberFLUS Edition)

    the streams are shit today boys. anyone got a link that works?
  5. MidwestMonster2

    Ryan Poles failed to find Justin Fields a stud in 2022 NFL draft

    Firing Nagy gives them wins automatically. Basic, competent, complimentary football designed and built around the strengths of the players should be good for some wins. The secondary went from shit to pretty damn good in one draft. As long as we evaluate Fields with the knowledge of the level of...
  6. MidwestMonster2

    Favorite Obscure Bears Player?

    Not sure how obscure he is but Desmond Clark was a pretty damn good TE.
  7. MidwestMonster2

    ***OFFICAIL*** Khalil Mack Traded To Chargers For 2023 2nd & 6th Round Pick

    Big mistake to trade Mack. He affected offenses on damn near every play he was in for. Regardless of his "stats" he was still playing at a high level while hurt. He had more damn hustle than anyone else on the team and he will be sorely missed. Also...only a 2nd this year? FFS get a 2nd and a...
  8. MidwestMonster2

    Uh-oh: Mitch vs Fields rookie year.

    Stats are for losers. ~The book of Belichick
  9. MidwestMonster2

    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs Vikings (Most Monumentally Mundane Monday Matchup Edition)

    Another big game for the refs! Good game refs, you are the stars tonight....again.
  10. MidwestMonster2

    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs Vikings (Most Monumentally Mundane Monday Matchup Edition)

    Welp....let's get this sh&t show started...I guess.
  11. MidwestMonster2

    Nagy: Could Move Borom to LT and Teven to RT

    I might be in the minority but I'm willing to cut Jenkins some slack when it was his first game, coming off of back surgery, with Nagy getting cute and throwing him out on an island and lining him up as a FN WR. IMO, what I saw in that game was a rookie LT with 0 reps in camp, 0 reps pre-season...
  12. MidwestMonster2

    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Steelers (Bad Branes Bombardment Edition)

    That fucking ref backed into 59!! What the actual fucking shit is that!! Refs are corrupt fucks
  13. MidwestMonster2

    Do we have to have an offensive-minded head coach?

    I want a HC that knows you don't have to take a TO to throw the FN challenge flag. That would be a good start... I want a leader of men, someone who will hold themselves and the ENTIRE team accountable. Someone who actually knows what is going on with his players and doesn't treat the fans like...
  14. MidwestMonster2

    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs Packers (Coach Killaz Edition)

    Someone needs to burn all of Nagy's Denny style menu's. You can bet that every time they come out with empty set shotgun it's Nagy calling that FN play. When they line up under center and run outside-zone it's Lazor calling. That could be why they scored and haven't done jack shit since.
  15. MidwestMonster2

    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs Packers (Coach Killaz Edition)

    Nagy is calling plays again
  16. MidwestMonster2

    Pompei: "Everyone is best served with (Fields) on the bench"

    Very good point. I completely forgot about that spin move. I might be giving the guy more credit than I should at this point. It was nice to see him call protections though. We shall see about some of the other things. I prefer to be optimistic at this point.