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  1. Tee Higgins a Possibility? (Per The Athletic)

    I’m a fan of both scenarios but I’d rather keep both teams 2024 1sts. With a rookie QB, there’s a good chance both picks end up being top 10 picks next year. Get the Raiders to also throw in their 2025 1st and I’d be all over that trade.
  2. Bryce Young is a franchise QB *Film Study*

    You guys do realize we need the hype train to start rolling, and in order to do so, we all need to be proclaiming him to be a can’t miss prospect with HOF potential. Right?
  3. Tee Higgins a Possibility? (Per The Athletic)

    I wasn’t advocating trading 2 firsts for Harrison. My plan was this years first (7 or 9) and a 4th (if need be) for Tee, yes. Then next year if we get lucky with either our own or the LV/Car first m, to grab Harrison. If not, we wait til later OR if another impact WR is there for one of our 1st...
  4. Tee Higgins a Possibility? (Per The Athletic)

    The point is, Andrews was the 4th player chosen in their draft class. Two out of their first 4 picks were TE’s. With the plethora of picks the Bears will have (assuming g a trade down), it doesn’t matter what round we’re talking here. What matters is you choose the highest impact players. If...
  5. Tee Higgins a Possibility? (Per The Athletic)

    If you have multiple firsts, why not? For a generational talent like Harrison? Hell yeah. But I’m not saying you have to. If the WR class is as good as advertised and you have a plethora of picks and cap space, you can wait til the 2nd as well. Mix and match. You should never go into a draft...
  6. Tee Higgins a Possibility? (Per The Athletic)

    Low probability of getting a top tier WR in a loaded class when we’re more than likely picking high again AND have draft capital depth with a Raiders, Panthers 1st. Or if we’re lucky and able to trade down this year with HOU and obtain their #2 this year and their 2024 1st. How are we unlikely...
  7. Tee Higgins a Possibility? (Per The Athletic)

    I know. My proposal was to trade 7 or 9 (assuming trade with LV or Car) this year (along with a 4th rounder, similar to the AJ Brown trade). Load up on future picks for ourselves giving us a greater shot at adding a Harrison Jr or another top WR talent.
  8. Tee Higgins a Possibility? (Per The Athletic)

    Again, if they trade down to #7 or #9 and also get a boat load of picks (2023 2nd rounder and 2024, 2025 1sts), then you have the opportunity to set yourself up very nicely moving forward.
  9. Tee Higgins a Possibility? (Per The Athletic)

    No. You could have Tee and Harrison Jr. or another WR in what shapes up to be a very exciting 2024 WR class. You dump/trade the rest.
  10. Tee Higgins a Possibility? (Per The Athletic)

    Hence why I wrote “probably won’t happen BUT what about trade down to 7 or 9”.
  11. Tee Higgins a Possibility? (Per The Athletic)

    And Chase? Doubtful, but we shall see.
  12. Tee Higgins a Possibility? (Per The Athletic)

    I’d much rather have Tee and then with one of the 2024 1sts acquired (including ours) have a chance to get Harrison Jr. Those 2 studs moving forward. If Fields busts, you have a shot at Caleb Williams and provide him with a true #1 WR immediately. Win win IMO.
  13. Tee Higgins a Possibility? (Per The Athletic)

    I had this discussion with my buddies months ago that the Bengals won’t be able to keep all these young studs. Ideally, we would trade Texas #12 or Detroit’s #18 for Tee (after trading down and acquiring both their firsts). Similar to the AJ Brown trade last year (#18 and 101). I doubt we can...
  14. Who's the best WR in this draft?

    Parker Washington. Remember the name.
  15. David Montgomery… ‘s replacement

    Would much rather have Pollard. A Polllard (70%)/Herbert (30%) type split. His fractured fibula should help bring his price down some too.
  16. Who's the best WR in this draft?

    I like Jalin Hyatt a lot but I think he’ll be over drafted. The guy I really like for the Bears, considering where he’ll be drafted, is Parker Washington. He’s great at one thing, he catches everything, especially in traffic, and wonderful at high pointing the ball. Still only 20 years old...
  17. If the Dolphins fire Mike McDaniels, should the Bears fire Eberflus and hire mike?

    Yeah, you can blame O’Connell for that. Another offensive “guru” who thinks he’s smarter than the rest of the league. Giants last in DVOA against the run and he only runs Cook 14 times. None in the last 2 drives. Idiots.
  18. What WR 1 do you want in 2023 on the Bears?

    Draft him. His name is Jalin Hyatt.
  19. Friday the 13th Mock Off Season

    Not interested if we aren’t getting back any 2024 1sts.