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  1. lion of the north is so based Gustavus

    lion of the north is so based Gustavus
  2. IST: Pirates & Cubs

    Cubs gonna :sweep: - derosabomb, years ago
  3. Fire Drop Home Opener, 5 Goals in last 20 Minutes

    So we went down with 2 first half goals (9' and 44')... pressed all over in the second half but couldn't quite get lucky enough until Katai scored in his debut in the 70' (really liked the way he carried the play in the 2nd half) and within 12 minutes Nikolic had scored a brace to give us the...
  4. Rodriguez Promoted

    Well deserved to our new President who is very quickly making Chicago Fire Great Again
  5. 7/5 At Timbers

    Early PK allowed but Niko (or Arturo?) just equalized
  6. First place watch

    On Canada day, both in 32nd minute Chicago 3 - 0 Vancouver Dallas 2 - 0 Toronto The Toronto loss and our win would put us in first at last!
  7. #WeAreGood

  8. Chicago Women's Teams are Pretty Good...

    The Bliss (lingerie football) and Bandits (softball) won championships this year and the Sky (basketball) are heading to the semifinals while the Red Stars (soccer) are about to start the playoffs as well.
  9. Fire vs. DC

    Looks like 12 people there before the game... stupid rain
  10. Opening Day IGT

    Just got back from a church trip in time for the end of the game... 4-2 NYCFC lead but not looking as bad as that suggests
  11. So Shocking: Fire to let Another Star Go Later Accam, shit.
  12. Fire Trade Down in Re-Entry Draft

    Just gave up the #1 pick for "general allocation money"... Great job Fire.
  13. Red Stars Move to Toyota Park

    Hey, looks like we'll have a winning team in Bridgeview after all :smug2:
  14. Guess where I'm headed...

    MLS CUP!!!!!!!!!!!! Heading out to Columbus for the day Sunday!
  15. Fire Poised for another Exodus

    Fire only exercised options of Bryce, Shipp, Polster and Doody. Declined options on Adailton, Busch, Cocis, Cochrane, J. Johnson, Kann, Larentowicz, Palmer and Ritter. Busch, Larentowicz, Magee and Harden become free agents, Palmer and Watson to Re-Entry Draft So, our remaining team: GK - S...
  16. Small-market MLS Cup

    Welp, Portland at Columbus this year.. would have been much better for the league for New York to make it though
  17. I hate the playoff offweek

    NHL and MLB you get a game every day at least for most the playoffs... now I wait 2 weeks between games... sorry but this format sucks
  18. MLS Playoffs

    Amazing shootout last night...
  19. Last Game

    Probably going, time to leave our misery :pray:
  20. State of the Club

    OCSC announced both USL and NWSL teams in the past 7 or so days... we can barely maintain a MLS team. So I guess it is a good thing we aren't trying this, but it is sad that we can't.