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    #1 offense vs #1 defense

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    White-eager to get back onto field

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    Forte or Alshon.........You're the GM

  4. 3rd N Long

    Marc Trestman and his 2015 results as OC in Baltimore.

    I haven't heard a peep out of the usual suspects for a while on this subject. I was wondering why that might be. The 2014 Ravens before Trestman vs The 2015 Ravens with Trestman 2014 Ravens were 10-6 2015 Ravens were 5-11 2014 Offense was ranked 8th in the NFL 2015 Offense was ranked 25th in...
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    ESPN: Matt Forte wants to resign with Bears, but pessimistic about return Sounds like Forte believes he is out
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    No more guessing. Kevin White will not play this season : Chicago Tribune Dan WiedererContact Reporter Chicago Tribune
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    Bears’ Vision With Eddie Royal, Kevin White Could Become Reality

    This article isn't just about White possibly playing this season. I find it to be a good read and maybe some insight into several items of interest in the Bears future roster moves that will or won't be made...
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    To the Posters who stayed positive

    You were right about the Bears chances to win tonight. I'm not a hater and I try not to be the negative nancy but I was extremely skeptical of the Bears chances to win this game. Rodgers had been an unstoppable machine and the Bears defense hasn't been able to stop the Packers in a long long...
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    Rodgers vs Bears defense

    Here are the last 3 games Rodgers has had against the Bears. In which the Packers have avg 40+ points per game 2014 Game 1 Rodgers had 302 passing yards 4 TD 0 INT 0 Fumbles 1 sack 0 QB hits 151.2 rating Packers score 38 points Game 2 Rodgers had 315 passing yards 6 TD 0 INT 0 Fumbles 0...
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    The Bears have something most NFL teams don't: a game plan that makes sense

    Great breakdown of the Bears offense from the Rams game with multiple videos of specific plays and breakdowns on each of them. Dare I say, its better than the all 22 breakdowns these forums are used to seeing. :yep: Alot of people had written...
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    NFL power rankings and Draft order: Bears

    This was a well written article. So I decided to share as it covers a lot more than just the rankings and IMO this is one of the best reads so far this year. NFL Power...
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    What do you expect to see from the Bears offense tomorrow.

    The Rams are a team that is fielding an elite defense in 2015. Scoring off of them will be no easy task. They are especially tough when playing at home. The following is a list of the Rams games this year and how the opposing offenses did against them. Game 1 Wilson 251 passing yards 1 TD 1...