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    I want him to be a Bear for life too. Who wouldn't? Getting tired of scrubs playing QB for the Bears
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    Warren Sapp has lost his mind!!!

    3 more months of pure agony like this BS Sapp pooped out his mouth.
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    Greg Olsen Isn’t Making Things Easy for Fox When It Comes to the Tom Brady Situation

    I think it'll come pretty natural to Brady. He's a vocal leader, and he knows the game. I can't say if he'll be an "upgrade" though.
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    Who's the best WR in this draft?

    I really like JSN even if he isn't quite the physical specimen as Quentin Johnson (Not saying JSN is a slouch whatsoever physically). Also Ohio State WR's have a very good track record recently.
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    Bears trade for BUCKNER?

    Fuck it let's get Nelson too.
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    Double Trade back Poles getting a lil bit fleeced BEEF BLOCK MOCK

    Better chance for Jesus to resserect than we trade that pick to Detroit.
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    Cunningham turned down Cards?

    I'd be weary of that situation in Arizona as well. GM's, unlike Head coaches, typically only get 1 shot to get it right. You're handcuffed to Murray because of his contract, their Cap situation isn't anything to write home about, and they only have 5 selections in the draft. I can really see a...
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    Jurko: Brock Purdy is a better QB than Justin Fields v. ESPN1000

    Purdy looks like a gamer for sure, and I can't knock what he's doing. Trey Lance might be out of a job in San Francisco. I don't think it's a knock on Justin to say that as of now Purdy is making quicker, snappier decisions with the ball, and it looks like he's winning from the pocket. He has a...
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    Poles in win win spot w QB

    I mostly agree, although I feel there is a level of nuance. I think most people won't blame him insofar as deciding to run with Fields again. Fields has a lot to work, but I think most people can agree he showed himself as an intriguing enough prospect who isn't a finished product quite yet...
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    Lightfoot wants to block Bears from the use of the name 'Chicago'

    Ughhh she needs to go away already
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    CJ Stroud Considering Ohio State Return?

    Fields declared for the last day, so I think CJ will follow the same path. There's more for him to lose than gain by going back. It probably peeves him as a competitor, but nobody will hold it against him that they couldn't beat this iteration of Georgia.
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    So we traded the #33 pick for Claypool?

    Ill wait & see on Claypool, but on paper the value seems like doo doo. Even if he has a bang average season 800-1000 yards 4-6 TD's, you still gotta pay him. His contract won't kill us. but eh if average starter was the goal I don't think we had to go too far out to find that.
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    I dont see Texans or Colts trade up

    How much should we get back from Houston if we moved back from #1 to #2? I'm guessing a 2nd round pick most likely.
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    With the First overall pick the Chicago Bears...(First pick discussion only)

    I don't wanna get too high, but yeah I'm pretty sure at a minimum that would have to cost Carolina their next year's 1st right?
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    Bugs Bunny ain’t got shit on Poles

    That was literally insane. The Texans Converted a 4th and 12, and a hail mary that slips right through a guy's hands. If this isn't proof of divine intervention IDK what is.
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    IGT: Texans at Colts

    Mills with a pick 6. What a shit show.
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    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs Vikings (ポップチームエピック Edition)

    Give Flus the Oscar for this sell job