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  1. Davide


    Now we have the second pick, don't care a lot.
  2. Davide

    Can Will Anderson catch? Can Jalen Carter block?

    Yes, i watched every single Bears match from 2006. I'm not saying that Whitehair is an all star, but our guards are very very good in running game and need a big help in passing game with tackles. That's my opinion. 17 sacks in all year. Eagles have 55.
  3. Davide

    Can Will Anderson catch? Can Jalen Carter block?

    I think the less talented position of the Bears is the front seven. Linebackers is the new "runningbacks" - next guy in. We have the worst sack rate in the NFL. We need to make pressure to the QB. We need an healthy offensive line and i'm sure we can upgrade it with FA. We can select a good WR...
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    I prefer a draw ;)
  5. Davide


    We have by far the stronger schedule in the league :(
  6. Davide

    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs Lions (The You Were Oh So Wrong About QB1 Edition)

    Ok, let them score so we can see more of Fields
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    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs Lions (The You Were Oh So Wrong About QB1 Edition)

    It'so easy to manipulate an NFL game. There Is always contact.
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    David Montgomery

    Wildcat formation every snap with Montie & Herbert :)
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    Bears sign next great training camp hero.

    "And the Dane Sanzenbacher Award 2022 goes to.."
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    Aaron Rodgers signs 4 year 200 million extension with Green Bay

    I'm happy that the Bears owner remain for the next 4 years. It's important in sense of continuity to know that our record against him will be 0-8 until 2026
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    OT:Pros and Cons of Matt Nagy becoming the Lions next OC 😂

    1st down & 10= run in the middle 2nd down & 11 = Penalty, Illegal Formation 2nd down & 16 = Screen to WR 3rd down & 15 = Lateral run by Cohen. Fumble.
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    Pros and cons of Matt Eberflus

    Another Matt??
  13. Davide

    Jaylon johnson

    Yes, JJ is so bad that opponents threw always in the other side.
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    Nagy is so bad that these 2 horrible decision aren't even in the top 10 things being discussed right now.

    The timeout management in the second half was so ugly. The first message of this thread tells the last. But the first is incredibile! 4th and 1 at midfield, the Bears choose to punt. (for me = right choice) Soldier Field roar. Nagy call a timeout to pretend that the headphones dosn't work Nagy...
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    Redzone before the Mooney td..

    C'Mon, we have a team that produce two hundred and some yards per game and you think about burning a timeout? I'm glad they score :D
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    It’s time to brainstorm. What can the Bears do?

    I think the bears have to figure out in these 10 games which players to bet on for next year. Around Fields, Montie and Herbert are good. The guard (Whitehair and Daniels) are ok. Mustipher meh. We need new tackles and I hope that Jenkins could be one of these. Kmet right now is a Shaheen with...
  17. Davide

    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs Packers (Coach Killaz Edition)

    Now i hope they break his leg in the next drive