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  1. jsu34


    Dallas is exploiting 54 and 45. Great game plan by Kellen Moore and McCarthy.
  2. jsu34

    Would we even consider Michael Mayer?

    Well hopefully we'll have more picks and be in a better position than KC.
  3. jsu34

    Would we even consider Michael Mayer?

    Not sure it's realistic but he's often available in the top of my second and third round mocks on both websites.
  4. jsu34

    Can Fields be a top 10 passer

    Since we have never see a qb for our beloved pass for over 4000 yds I don't think Fields will do that. What I do believe is that we have is an NFL superstar in the making that will light the league on fire for the future to come, assuming they protect him and give him some weapons on the...
  5. jsu34

    Stay Away From Jalen Carter

    Then Carter did what he was supposed to, especially in the championship game. After TCU scored they were not able to run between the tackles anymore and the QB wasn't able to escape the way he did against Michigan. That said, it wasn't only Carter doing it. All of the DT did this consistently.
  6. jsu34

    Mock to simulator. Post yours w/free agents

    Traded with Houston but the actually took Anderson :( I did net 2 firsts in next years draft from them though.
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    [OT] Did the NFL set a dangerous precedent?

    Wow! One game gets stopped yet the survey doesn't allow 0 to be a possible answer. We got Tuesday and Wednesday games during the pandemic to keep from cancelling.
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    *IGT* CFB national championship game

    65 - 7 Georgia has backups in only doing handoffs yet they are accusing them of running up the score. SMH.
  9. jsu34

    *IGT* CFB national championship game

    If I'm being honest 97 is really having the impact I expected from 88. But Georgia is so superior it's hard to tell.
  10. jsu34

    Shay Sharpe speaking facts about Fields

    Young is slightly ahead of Stroud, but make no mistake, Stroud is elite.
  11. jsu34

    You guys think Rodgers retires? Traded?

    Might be a big trade to Vegas which reunites Rodgers with Adams.
  12. jsu34

    *IGT* CFB national championship game

    Don't care. That's how Jets wound up with Wilson. Doesn't mean they are right.
  13. jsu34

    *IGT* CFB national championship game

    And friendly reminder to the Stroud doubters: he pretty much had his way with Georgia's D for mist of the game in round one. Levis looked average in a season game.
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    *IGT* CFB national championship game

    Just following this to see how many complain about Carter not completely dominating the game, while Georgia beats the brakes off TCU.
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    Lovie fired ***OFFICIAL*** coaching carousel 2023 thread

    This team (Texans) is garbage from ownership down. If you look at the roster and staff, you can see the potential to build a winner. There are so many players under the age of 25 on that team. Find a more consistent QB and build around them. But you can't keep firing coaches after 1 season...
  16. jsu34

    They really trying to keep them.

    They really should build this anyway. They can host more events that they normally wouldn't be able to due to weather. Plus it'll become an option should another team come calling.
  17. jsu34

    @Ares Predicts

    My god-sister (a lions fan) got engaged before pre-season. Her new husband (huge bears fan) asked me just before the season started how many games. I told him 5 at least. He was disappointed. Turns out 5 was too optimistic.
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    With the First overall pick the Chicago Bears...(First pick discussion only)

    This is absolutely true without taking anything away from Stroud.
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    Brad Biggs: Fields hasn't played well enough; has not arrived as a passing QB

    Hurts got similar criticism. Even when the eagles were like 7-0 the national media types were still arguing he hasn't proven himself. Now he's considered a star given the eagles have struggled recently without him. Fields hasn't played particularly well, but he's also not done yet. If...