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  1. -Cago34-

    Final play at the goaline

    I really thought Kevin white should've gotten into the endzone on that final play. I have wondered how his surgeries would help or hinder him in particular game situations and nuances of playing WR. With the one leg having a metal rod in it I figured he'd be a BEAST at running curl routes...
  2. -Cago34-

    Falling in love all over again

    It's so nice to see things come together after recent years of bad football. This team especially on the defensive side of the ball has me jacked. All the QB pressures, hits, forced fumbles, 3 & outs, and INT's. These fuckers ball out. The turnover's are reminiscent of some of Lovie's great D's...
  3. -Cago34-

    IPTV service instead of cable

    Does anyone use IPTV service for their tv? I'm on a 3 day trial thing through Settv and it works pretty good. It's live tv with all the hbo's, starz, cinemaxs, nba package, mlb package, and i believe the nfl package. Its around 200 live U.S. channels. Just curious if anyone else uses IPTV and...
  4. -Cago34-

    8pm Eastern Standard Time Draft Thread

    Fuck yea, the draft is upon us! Bears fans are everywhere, I know this much. I think it'd be a good idea to start individual timezone threads so that wherever you are in the country you can talk and post within your specific timezone so that your draft day experience isn't ruined by someone...
  5. -Cago34-

    Reverse engineering the draft

    I know everyone wants to build through the draft and all that bullshit but let's assemble a team for THIS year to win it all using our draft picks to trade for current NFL players. We still have like a zillion bucks in cap space so I don't see money as an issue. Try and keep it realistic...
  6. -Cago34-

    NFL Network @10 pm EST tonight

    They'll have an hour episode about my dick n balls.
  7. -Cago34-

    Black unicorn to GB

  8. -Cago34-

    Udfa / Free Agency question

    If a draft eligible college kid knows damn well he's not gonna be drafted should he be allowed to forego the draft entirely and be able to sign as an unrestricted FA when it opens in a couple days(hypothetically). Wouldn't the extra time with their new team benefit them more than the snowballs...
  9. -Cago34-

    Is Matt Barkley ...

    Actually Santa Claus?
  10. -Cago34-

    If you're sick of bitching, or seeing others bitch...

    Feel free to come in this thread and rap if you want. I will select the best week 2 ryhmemaster tomorrow and award you a Golden Mic Award. Best of luck to all participants!
  11. -Cago34-

    Why do some of you...

    Feel the need to come on here and belittle others and act as if you're holier than thou? Fucking stupid ass Democrat Cutler cock slurpers! If I/we wanna sit here and complain about the direction of this team with bitchface #6 at the helm than so be it! You ain't nobody's fucking daddy here so...
  12. -Cago34-

    As the roster takes shape...

    I can only help but wonder; what if this squad had an elite RB? Even with having an average/subpar secondary and QB, I think we'd be really hard to handle. Can you imagine AP on the Bearz right now? Instant SB contenders, imo. Honestly, I think the addition of an elite runner would do as...
  13. -Cago34-

    Braverman in the secondary?

    We all know Braverman is gonna do his thing in the slot, but it got me thinking; with the secondary being thin, I wonder if he could help out at Nickleback? He could be the next great two way player in the league, ya know? If you are thinking thoughts, please share.
  14. -Cago34-

    Better stat line this year, White or Braverman?

    Who ends the year with the better stat line, Kevin White or the Enigma? I really feel like Braverman will have the better stat line, I see about 800 yards, 65 catches, 4 receiving Td's, 3 rushing, and a punt return Td for the fuck of it. He's gonna torch shit underneath. Also, for some reason...
  15. -Cago34-

    Driven by past, Bears WR Daniel Braverman works for NFL future

    http:// Really good article on Bravermans upbringing and background. Gives some insight in to why he's going to not only makes the team, but flourish. This kid is legit and is going to be a star for...
  16. -Cago34-

    Bears' rookie WR Daniel Braverman impressing early in training camp

    http:// The Enigma.
  17. -Cago34-

    What is Jays drink of choice?

    I can see him enjoying a Tecate right about now. Thoughts?
  18. -Cago34-

    Inside scoop, Pace to meet with Josh Monteagudo of Emporia State this weekend

    Never wanted to reveal that I had sources because I come here for fun and didn't want to be pestered for info but just wanted to pass along something that I heard. The Bears and Broncos are meeting with Josh Monteagudo over the weekend. Yeah I know, whoopee shit, an UDFA...nevertheless I really...
  19. -Cago34-

    Braverman interview Good interview with Braverman by Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks. I really like this kid, he's going to be nasty. You can tell just looking at his beard and how he keeps it...
  20. -Cago34-

    Cagbro's second annual Mock Draft

    Welcome to Cagbro's annual mock draft, presented to you by Lexus. In this edition, I will not act as if I've e-scouted these kids because I haven't. I'm not a professional blogger with unlimited time to youtube all these prospects; I'm a normal man with a job that spent more time looking up...