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  1. Da Bears Oregon

    Greg Gabriel Gives Some Inside Info. on Poles' Thinking

    Or Poles is blowing smoke….
  2. Da Bears Oregon

    Division Games This Weekend & Bears Draft Position

    I nominate this thread for the fastest derailed.
  3. Da Bears Oregon

    C J Stroud

    Any news yet if he is declared or not?
  4. Da Bears Oregon

    The Official Poles Brass Tacks Thread (2023 Offseason)

    Wonder if Seattle is interested in a QB.
  5. Da Bears Oregon

    IGT: Texans at Colts

    WOw!!! Thanks Lovie!
  6. Da Bears Oregon

    Bills Player tonight

    Not good. Unfortunately this is the 2nd time in my life that I’ve witnessed this watching the NFL. Bears-Lions back when I watched games with my father. So sad.
  7. Da Bears Oregon

    Corey Wooten does film study on Jack Sanborn *Video*

    There is a lot to like with Sanborn!
  8. Da Bears Oregon


    It's all about the draft order baby!!
  9. Da Bears Oregon

    NFL Draft Order

    We are already at the draft order stage of the season, after game 5? Nice…….
  10. Da Bears Oregon

    N'Keal Harry is N'HEALED Harry, set to return this sunday?

    Over/under on how many minutes he plays before an injury?
  11. Da Bears Oregon

    Teven Jenkins, and the coaching dog house.

    Looks like the last series he is the LG
  12. Da Bears Oregon

    Thoughts and Observations from Preseason Game 1

    I might add that our punter looked great.
  13. Da Bears Oregon

    *OFFICIAL* Offseason Rumors, Signings, and Shenanigans

    This. Thank you, Dejo!!
  14. Da Bears Oregon

    Fans brutalizing Bears on PFT

    Opens up possibilities for spending on FA.........
  15. Da Bears Oregon

    I'm assuming VashHalas rode the short bus to school, so be kind in your responses. That or he...

    I'm assuming VashHalas rode the short bus to school, so be kind in your responses. That or he is an exceptional troll. I'm going with the former.
  16. Da Bears Oregon

    Ehatover happened to Mighty Joe John and all of the ignoramus rumours threads?

    What I said is factual. As far as your response, that’s the best you got? I’ll let you have the last word. Try to be more creative.
  17. Da Bears Oregon

    Take your pick of Coaches

    I'm all in for Ted Lasso.......
  18. Da Bears Oregon

    Thank you Eddie Jackson

    I hope someone gave him an earful. Good god.