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  1. Madisoncubaholic


    Late Christmas present for Philadelphia, game gift, wrapped and delivered with minimal effort to get to the Super Bowl with the atrocious fourth string quarterback, and the handicapped third string quarterback, and the dominating referee generated, 6 Penalty Drive
  2. Madisoncubaholic

    Jerry Jones loses his mind after losing again .............................mock draft.

    Dear God I almost forgot about no Jay Cutler… the absolute Train Wreck that is and was Tod Collins and how Caleb Haney almost did it… and how after Julius Peppers crushed Aaron Rogers he wasn’t heard from the rest of the game
  3. Madisoncubaholic


    Meanwhile…Somewhere Ryan Pace is evaluating quarterbacks by what kind of used car they drive
  4. Madisoncubaholic

    *Video* Warren introductory press conference

    Minnesota Vikings a lifetime of failure
  5. Madisoncubaholic

    Packers & Titans Are Done

    Pickles are essential to a well crafted Cubano sandwich now bend the knee and agree
  6. Madisoncubaholic

    Allen Lazard FA Target for Bears?

    As a Bears fan living in Wisconsin who watches all Packers games I say NO to a receiver who always seems to drop the ball in critical situations
  7. Madisoncubaholic

    Official "Thank you, Lovie" Thread.

    That could possibly be the best “Take this job and shove it “ moment going for two as your walking…not running out the door!
  8. Madisoncubaholic

    IGT: Texans at Colts

    Jesus Mary and Joseph Male your offerings on the altar of St. Tankimus
  9. Madisoncubaholic

    What RB do you want the Bears to draft?

    Rashan Salam…Curtis Enis….Cedric Benson And every other wasted first rounder
  10. Madisoncubaholic

    IGT: Texans at Colts

    Vegas is smiling
  11. Madisoncubaholic

    [OT] Did the NFL set a dangerous precedent?

    I remember watching a Bears Lions game about 40 years ago with my cousin with Bobby Douglas quarterbacking against Greg Landry. Suddenly a Detroit Lions receiver back in the huddle collapsed and died on the field, taken off on a stretcher after thumps on the chest and CPR and the game resumed...
  12. Madisoncubaholic

    Bears ready to move on from fields?

    Can you imagine if Mahomes had come here with John Fox? Patrick who?
  13. Madisoncubaholic

    Would you accept this trade down?

    Only trade for picks! No roster players that teams “want “ to give up. It’s hard work tanking we need to be better compensated!
  14. Madisoncubaholic

    Bomb Cyclone on Saturday?

    Jan 6 th , 1986 my brother scored field level tickets in Soldiers Field for the 21-0 victory over the New York Giants and I’ve never been colder ! No bomb cyclones but some Thunder snow and i ran out of hand warmers and had to shove hot pretzels in my gloves which worked fairly well. Thank God...
  15. Madisoncubaholic

    Should VJJ be cut now?

    Look for a team that wants to play in the tankathon next year
  16. Madisoncubaholic

    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs Packers (#AARONITOUTISORWASBACK: Malaysian Dissuasion of Caucasian Perversion Pervasion Edition)

    The tank works…just ask Theo Epstein…just don’t make it so obvious geesh even Justin is in on it!
  17. Madisoncubaholic

    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs Packers (#AARONITOUTISORWASBACK: Malaysian Dissuasion of Caucasian Perversion Pervasion Edition)

    Someone get Rodgers a folding table and a deck of cards then he can beat our defense at Euchre too.