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  1. BNB

    That 90's Show

    Okay, chatgpt.
  2. BNB

    NBA trade deadline discussion

    The Bulls should 100% pursue this. This team, as currently constructed, isn't gonna do shit. May as well role the dice with crazy Kyrie.
  3. BNB

    Tom Brady Retires

    Talk about going great lengths to avoid confrontation hahahaha
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    NBA trade deadline discussion

    Michael Scotto: There’s been some speculation from a few rival executives that the Memphis Grizzlies could make a run at OG Anunoby, given their surplus of draft picks in the years to come… There was also a report out there, I believe from the Toronto Star, that one mystery team previously...
  5. BNB

    Ball might be back soon

    crazy how maybe a two month injury turned into him possibly not playing any meaningful games for nearly two years.
  6. BNB

    OT: Sean “Pill Popping” Payton to Broncos

    The Broncos better hope this works. After everything they gave up for Wilson and now Payton.... if they suck again next year, I bet lots of people are gonna lose their jobs.
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    NBA trade deadline discussion

    Chris Mannix: I had one executive say to me recently that he looks at Zach LaVine as maybe being the most risky player potentially, on the trade block because of that knee and the history of problems he’s had with it and a big contract. 4 hours ago – via Spotify Looks like even if we wanted...
  8. BNB

    Brett Favre's last play

    Yeah my bad, I was thinking of another time he went down
  9. BNB

    Brett Favre's last play

    I think he played a few more games after that hit.
  10. BNB

    Cowboys fire OC Kellen Moore

    This to me seems more like a Lovie/Ron Rivera situation. Lovie seemingly wanted to be in complete control of the defense, but couldn't with Rivera there. I think McCarthy wanted to be the play caller and run the offense his way, but having Kellen Moore there was getting in the way of that.
  11. BNB


    I didn't like Cincy's clock management there. They should have done it in a way so that, if they didn't get in FG range, KC would have less than 20 seconds left. Now Mahomes has more than enough time to get into FG range.