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  1. Let the Rumors Fly Watson Trade Theory

    In addition to all the other reasons Watson is not coming here, the fact that our GM actually passed on him during the draft is a guarantee that he isn't coming here. Why would Watson come here.
  2. Matt Nagy kept this team together

    The problem with Nagy is that he also... - Tried to run the KC offense throughout 2019 (with the exception of the Chargers I-form game), even when it was clear Trubisky couldn't run it and the personnel wasn't there. - Looked at Foles and Trubisky in practice for MONTHS and thought Foles was...
  3. Khalil Mack and the defense

    Just wondering what you would all do with Khalil Mack and some of the older players on defense given the situation we find ourselves in. If you trade him pre-June 1st you have over $21m in dead money and are only saving $5m, post-June 1st that goes to $9.4m in dead money and a cap saving of...
  4. The Problem With Firing Pace

    A GM that can't pick a QB is a bad GM and he should be fired.
  5. Anthony Miller

    First two plays... 1) bubble screen gets blown up because Miller basically tackles Mooney 2) Miller drops (bad) throw, INT. I haven't disliked a Bears player this much since McNown. If I was on the defense I would be feeling murderous right now.
  6. Bench Foles and Sell the Farm. Tank NOW!!

    Glorious time for a bye as it will fester away and bring the inevitable end game closer.
  7. It’s the personnel

    This is where I am right now. I thought the defense was too good for us to fail that badly but I have my doubts now. They must be supremely fucked off with the other side of the ball right now.
  8. Things are about to spiral out of control

    I'm actually on board with us losing out here. I stopped watching after the Saints game as I can't face watching them at the moment. There are people I really like on this team, Akiem Hicks chief amongst them and it's heartbreaking watching him play his heart out in a lost cause. Fingers...
  9. Post Game from Gustavus Adolphus

    I'm already out on watching the games. I haven't seen a snap of this one and don't intend to. Sounds like it's a carbon copy of the last two games anyway. Like I said in another thread, big picture it's great Roquan, Mooney and Johnson are looking good. Would hope they give us some more Kmet...
  10. Are there any Nagy believers still here?

    There should be no way that Pace has a longer leash than Nagy. You just can't fire Nagy and keep Pace.
  11. Are there any Nagy believers still here?

    Nagy is what, 9 games over .500. Do you think if they crawl to 8-8 they will fire a 28-21 Head Coach? I mean, I'm desperate for them to fire Pace/Nagy but there's a good chance they fire the OC again and give it another shot.
  12. Roquan is having a MONSTER season

    The three major pluses from the season so far have been Roquan living up to his draft pick, Jaylon Johnson looking good and Darnell Mooney flashing. Gives the new GM something to work with.
  13. Blow it all up

    Depends how much he asks for and calling him a run stuffer is harsh, he's better than that.
  14. David Montgomery

    Yep, pretty much this. Either way, it is such a long way down our list of problems right now. If he plays out his rookie contract and leaves, it wouldn't be a big deal.
  15. David Montgomery

    I don't think you can judge him yet. Given that he's also costing us virtually no money and he has 2 years left on his deal and RB is roughly 8th on our list of priorities after... GM HC OC QB LT RT RG WR ...I'm not going to worry too much about upgrading RB.
  16. D'Eriq King

    What are his weaknesses, aside from height?
  17. Blow it all up

    I wouldn't cut Goldman loose, we've missed him this season. Trevathan and Cohen deals didn't make a lot of sense at the time and haven't aged well. I get the temptation to blow it all up, but I'd keep the core of Johnson, Roquan, Jackson, Goldman at the very least.
  18. Blow it all up

    Fire GM/HC and let the new coach decide who, if anyone, he wants to keep on the coaching staff. Regarding the defense, I'm confident anyone could come in as DC and this would be a top ten unit. Pagano has frustrated me at times with his playcalling but it's just got lost in the total...
  19. D'Eriq King

    Any idea where he's projected to go? Honestly I was really impressed but I didn't even know he existed two days ago!