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  1. Mock - Bears add a sure thing at RT

    Lol Ya I can speak for the Bears. Our run game was nothing special, and we don't want the No.1 rushing attack if it's based on our QB running all the time. You do realize GB did that 8th rushing attack with running backs not the QB. I'm not ignoring Stafford as he was never part of the...
  2. 9th Pick Poll - Wild Scenario - DT Carter or best OT Skoronski/Johnson/Jones?

    We pick at 9. Get a top (T) young guy without over paying. And we got 2 LBs for the price of 1. Quan. Love it.
  3. Todays cap space left

    Pick 1 will be RT.
  4. Carolina Panthers 2024 Tracking Thread

    That 3 & out offense, is gonna tire out that defense. Top 5 to 10 pick. IMO.
  5. Did Poles gives Fields enough tools to be successful next season?

    Yes. It's enough to succeed on offense. It is slightly above league average now IMO.
  6. Anybody Else Worried? @Myk is!!!!

    Worried no. I like what they are doing. Be smart and spend wise. We are better then last year and still have a draft coming.
  7. Poles spending 1/5th of the $100 M cap last week on a sub 1,000 yd “#1” WR has changed this

    A play maker at 9. Best player at that position. Any position would be fine with me.
  8. A short analASSysis of Moore and some of his time with the Panthers

    He can be elite with better QB play. IMO.
  9. How Many Firsts Will GB Get for AR?

    With the age and money factor counted, I can not see giving more them a few late round picks.
  10. Orlando Brown vs Mike McGlinchey

    So they offered him a huge deal? Did they know he sucks? I just found out here today myself. PS. I don't think he is worth the money myself. But he is a good player.
  11. Orlando Brown vs Mike McGlinchey

    Both. We need both.
  12. Reoccurring theme from WR interviews at the combine

    Your family never met me. Nor you.
  13. Reoccurring theme from WR interviews at the combine

    How does what people on this boards feelings or thoughts effect me? The proof is in the pudding and the pudding is doing great. IRL I'm highly respected by everyone. You are right, i never watched a game film in my life. I never will either. I never thought you were calling me...
  14. Reoccurring theme from WR interviews at the combine

    Imagine your life is so small you watch game film. Maybe the dipshits are busy being productive.
  15. Reoccurring theme from WR interviews at the combine

    Who are these haters you guys keep whining about? Or are they just made up to justify your crying?
  16. Khalil Mack expected to be traded or released

    We are building. No old guys for big money. Stick too a plan.
  17. Worst Free Agent class in recent history?

    No big stars or guys to build around. But we can fill many holes with upgrades and draft well. Give me a pass rush and a better Oline and YES I DO think playoffs are possible. The staff and Fields will be on the same page from game 1 this year. The D is a pass rush away from being good.