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  1. broughtupbears

    Clip of that helmet shot Trubisky took

    BS he was letting up... he knew what he was doing. He lowered his shoulder and lunched at the QB sticking his arms back doesnt matter if the intent is to hit the player in the face with his shoulder, hit the player at all with shoulder. If you dont think that's possible you're a shit athlete...
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    Jet lag

  3. broughtupbears

    Mathieu Betts

    Dude looks like a future HOFer... oh wait its sped up 2x.
  4. broughtupbears

    Emmanuel Hall's Speed

    Every catch in the highlight reel was a go route.
  5. broughtupbears

    Kerrith Whyte 4.36 40 yd RB

    Accurate! Misdirection with him flying straight up the gut!
  6. broughtupbears

    Is it appropriate to call grown *** men who play professional NFL football "kids?"

    Depends on the age difference. And I'm guessing the older one gets the larger the gap. For example If your 100+ you can easily call anyone under the age of 50 kid. If your 65+ you can maybe call anyone under the age of 22 kid. Maybe another factor worth considering is if you have kids at x...
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    My Boy Earl Bennett Talks His Time With the Bears

    Awesome. Always liked Earl!
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    Jaguars Sign RB Benny Cunningham

    Also when can Bears sign new players that dont count against the comp pick formula? Sorry, I tried google but my google game is off...
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    Jaguars Sign RB Benny Cunningham

    Are details of this contract out? Bears just need this to cancel out the Davis contract to open up the comp pick for the amos or Callahan comp pick?
  10. broughtupbears

    Mitch going deep

    Whats the issue here? Arm strength? Experience? Both? Thoughts?
  11. broughtupbears

    Kyle Long

    Kyle Long is going to be a monster this year. Dude broke every bone in his body and kept playing, for the team. As a bears fan, im rooting for this dude!
  12. broughtupbears

    Most injuries by NFL stadium

    I saw a study looking at injuries by type of field , but im wondering if there is anything that looks at just straight up by the stadium that has the most in game injuries.
  13. broughtupbears

    Would Kaepernick help the bears

    Image, embracing the leader of a HUGE movement? Recruiting FAs? Similar Offensive Scheme as one likely to be run by Trubiski. Got to think he would be a solid back up? Would it help with acquisition of harbaugh? Maybe a Pipe Dream, but still.
  14. broughtupbears

    110 of 111 players found to have CTE

    Dr. Ann McKee, a neuropathologist, has examined the brains of 202 deceased football players. A broad survey of her findings was published on Tuesday in The Journal of the American Medical Association. Of the 202 players, 111 of them played in the N.F.L. — and 110 of those were found to have...
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    Crappy projected 53

    Quarterback: 3 Mike Glennon solid but how solid. Mitch Trubisky da future but how soon and how good? Mark Sanchez - I'm over it. I actually hope they only keep 2... Running back: 5 Jordan Howard Tarik Cohen Benny Cunningham Jeremy Langford Michael Burton I like cunningham and...
  16. broughtupbears

    this nonsense comparing Mitch trubisky to Aaron Rodgers has to stop While some good points are made.... this has to stop! He may have the talent but he is nothing like the ineffable Aaron Rogers...
  17. broughtupbears

    How good does Trubisky have to be?

    1. For Bears to win? 2. For you to be happy with the trade? 3. For (fill in some interesting thought).
  18. broughtupbears

    mistake letting Cornelius Washington leave? On a per-snap basis, Washington was a more productive and consistent pass-rusher statistically than household names at his position like Calais Campbell, Jurrell Casey, Mike Daniels and...
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    Kyle Long contract extension

    I haven't really seen this discussed and was wondering what the boards thoughts were on the issue of extending kyle longs contract. It would seem like a no-brainer to me from the Bears perspective. He had a down year, albeit not because of his skill set or talents, but instead because he was...