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  1. Most of These QB Rumors Are All BS!

    I know nobody bites on your posts, but I'm feeling kind on this beautiful Sunday. Ok, we agree Pace sucks. Who do you suggest they hire?
  2. The Niners, building a team through the draft

    49ers won 4 games and Packers won 6 last year. In just one season, they both made it to the NFC championship. Let's not make the bears or any other team out to be a team that is far off from being in the tournament next season.
  3. The Bears are not going to make the playoffs next year either.

    I just spent the last few days with family (packer fans) in Oshkosh, WI. They gave me some advice as a Bears fan, ditch your coach and sign Trubisky to an extension ASAP.
  4. Forte: Mitch is a servicable backup

    I don't think Forte or anyone are saying replace Mitch and all of a sudden the Bears issues on offense are fixed. However, they are saying to fix this offense you first need to improve the QB position.
  5. Do you think Nagy is going to get better?

    Nagy needs help on the offensive side of the ball. Bring in an experienced OC that can assist with scheme and getting everyone on the same page. Let the OC hire his qb coach. Collectively, these three coaches should be able to find competition for Mitch, improvement on the offensive line and in...
  6. Bears DNA

    Hello John Fox, how have you been?
  7. Is this the year to tank?

    Bears are obviously still rebuilding, but just imagine what a top pick next year would mean. I'm not a Cutler basher, but he might have 1 or 2 years left. We can get a shot at one of the top 3 qbs (Watson, Kaaya, Kelly) and other top talent available. Pace has brought in some young, athletic...