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  1. Schmidtaki

    Kings and Heroes

    If you guys are looking for a first person action based RPG with randomly generated dungeons a pretty well built crafting system, 5 classes and a bunch of races to choose from. Check out Kings and Heroes. I've been playing this game for about a week now and I'm...
  2. Schmidtaki

    Civilization Vi

    Brazil is my jam! That 20% of total great person cost, back into the pool for the next great person makes getting great people easy. Not to mention the cool battleship.
  3. Schmidtaki

    Kyle Long signed to 4 year extension The Bears locked up one of their most important players Wednesday, signing offensive lineman Kyle Long to a four-year contract extension through 2021. Kyle Long Offensive lineman...
  4. Schmidtaki

    Building Clocks with Mohamed Handcuffed for Making Clock, Ahmed Mohamed, 14, Wins Time With Obama By MANNY FERNANDEZ and CHRISTINE HAUSERSEPT. 16, 2015 Ahmed Mohamed, a 14-year-old freshman at a high school in...
  5. Schmidtaki

    Your connection is a known proxy/TOR connection.

    Hey Crys/mods I logged in on my cell phones browser this morning and got this message. My service is through AT&T just thought I would mention this as I wasn't using any proxy or TOR service to hide my IP. Thanks!
  6. Schmidtaki

    Prime example for the return of disliking

    If this isn't a prime example of someone who deserves to be disliked by the firm and everyone else on this board, I don't know what is? In the words of Jimmy "I mean, come on!" #FreeNegsForEveryone
  7. Schmidtaki

    5 am

    Woke up at 5 AM this morning because I am the on-call this week at work and had to do the server checks and now even though I should be getting a good 8-10 hours of sleep on a Saturday I'm looking at 5 hours total sleep and possibly a nap this afternoon because even though I was tired when I...
  8. Schmidtaki

    Cutler has no weapons

    With Brandon Marshall gone all of Cutlers weapons have been taken away once again. There is no way he can reach his full potential and therefore you have to look at the whole team when blaming all the losses on Cutler. #Truth
  9. Schmidtaki

    De-Bunking the De-Bunking of Cutler Once and For all

    It was obvious wasn't it?
  10. Schmidtaki

    Dying Light

    Whose playing this on PC? Great game, lots to do and great open world feel, I haven't had a shooter game impress me this much in a long time, but the interaction with the environment is the best I think I've ever experienced in a game, I definitely recommend you guys to check this out if you...
  11. Schmidtaki

    Packer Fans attack Brandon Bostic on Twitter!

    Packer fans taking to twitter to attack Brandon Bostick for fumbling the on-side kick that allowed the Seahawks to win the game. It's almost like they haven't won a championship in 30 years...
  12. Schmidtaki

    OT - Lovies job just got harder.
  13. Schmidtaki

    This is why I love Brandon Marshall.

    His amazing ability to be open while covered aside, this is what makes B Marsh the best receiver in the business.
  14. Schmidtaki


    Then I understand your pain.
  15. Schmidtaki


    LOL on a roll this morning eh Fatbabies?
  16. Schmidtaki


    I haven't really spent much time reading the in game thread but I myself respect the weather and I never once thought any of these thoughts. Then again I wasn't drunk either. I'm not entirely sure why this has anything to do with the "pussification of America" but I think you might be...
  17. Schmidtaki

    The Same old Bears or so it would seem?

    I think a lot of people watched the last game and thought "Wow, the same old Bears! Throw them some real competition and they fall apart." I understand that point of view because I myself felt that way for the entire second quarter all the way until the fourth. However I also saw some things...
  18. Schmidtaki

    The Jeffery Deception

    This is a hell of a review by Thayer and really shows some insight into how an offensive minded coach really thinks. I've never seen any coach here in Chicago do things like this to determine the results of a future play. Check it out...
  19. Schmidtaki

    Packers cheerleader fights cyberbullying from Bears fans.... Really?

    This is news? Packers cheerleader fights cyberbullying Bears fans 87 By Chris Wesseling Around the League Writer Published: Feb. 7, 2013 at 04:49 p.m...
  20. Schmidtaki

    Jay Cutler got you down? Don't Frown just look here!

    Whenever I feel Jay had a bad day I just look at my good old pal Mark Sanchez and smile :peppers: Remember there is always an upside, at least we don't have that guy!